Version of Elgg supporting multiple sites off a single codebase.
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Multisite for Elgg
(C) 2010-12 Marcus Povey All Rights Reserved
Released under GPLv2 (See LICENCE.txt)

What is it?

MP Multisite for Elgg allows you to run multiple separate Elgg 
sites off of the same install of the codebase, saving disk 
space and making administration a whole bunch easier.

Once installed, adding new Elgg sites is a matter of clicking 
on a button and entering in some details.

What can I do with it?

You can do everything that you can do with Elgg, but with the 
ability to create new networks on demand. This will for example 
let you:

* Set up your own version of Ning!
* In your organisation or institution, easily set up Elgg 
  sites for each department.
* ... etc...

Building from Git

Please note, you can not run elgg multisite straight from a git 
checkout. I.e. You can't just git clone the repo into a directory
and point your webserver at it.

To run from a git checkout you must build the project.

To help you do this the project includes an Apache Ant build file
which contains some handy installation options:

* ant test - builds and installs into 

* ant release - builds a release .zip file which you can use
	to install into another location.

Modify paths accordingly.

See elggmulti/README.txt for more...