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Jira Create issue

v2.0.0 Latest version
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Jira Create issue

Create a new Jira issue


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Jira Create issue
  uses: atlassian/gajira-create@v2.0.0
Learn more about this action in atlassian/gajira-create
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Jira Create

Create new issue

For examples on how to use this, check out the gajira-demo repository

Only supports Jira Cloud. Does not support Jira Server (hosted)


Note: this action requires Jira Login Action
- name: Create
  id: create
  uses: ./atlassian/gajira-create@master
    project: GA
    issuetype: Build
    summary: |
      Build completed for ${{ github.repository }}
    description: |
      Compare branch

- name: Log created issue
  run: echo "Issue ${{ steps.create.outputs.issue }} was created"

Action Spec:

Environment variables

  • None


  • project (required) - Key of the project
  • issuetype (required) - Type of the issue to be created. Example: 'Incident'
  • summary (required) - Issue summary
  • description - Issue description


  • issue - Key of the newly created issue

Reads fields from config file at $HOME/jira/config.yml

  • project
  • issuetype
  • summary
  • description

Writes fields to config file at $HOME/jira/config.yml

  • issue - a key of a newly created issue

Writes fields to CLI config file at $HOME/.jira.d/config.yml

  • issue - a key of a newly created issue
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