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python 3 compatibility for basemap #3

merged 27 commits into from over 2 years ago

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Jeff Whitaker
Jeff Whitaker
jswhit commented July 19, 2011

A package of changes to basemap, mostly focused on python 3 compatibility

       * replace pyshapelib with pure python from  Allows full python 3 compatibility.
       * change default land-sea mask (now 2.5 minute resolution).
       * add shadedrelief method (similar to bluemarble, but plots shaded
         relief image from as a map background).
       * fix drawlsmask so cylindrical projections work correctly when
         longitude range outside of -180 to 180.
Jeff Whitaker jswhit merged commit 39c95e4 into from July 22, 2011
Jeff Whitaker jswhit closed this July 22, 2011
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Jul 13, 2011
Jeff Whitaker fix for drawlsmask when using cylindrical projections outside on lon …
…range -180 to 180
Jeff Whitaker Include inheritance_diagram from Sphinx, not matplotlib (from mdboom) deb4f9b
Jeff Whitaker update Changelog 9d2ad84
Jeff Whitaker add lsmask keyword to is_land acc7ee2
Jul 14, 2011
Jeff Whitaker remove spurious tabs 900f709
Jul 15, 2011
Jeff Whitaker replace pyshapelib with pure python 4efd110
Jeff Whitaker add example cf42138
Jeff Whitaker forgot to add f5f367a
Jeff Whitaker fix errors in 422105e
Jeff Whitaker modifications to makelsmask example 428e62e
Jeff Whitaker add etopo1 function (similar to bluemarble, but uses etopo elevation …
Jeff Whitaker add etopo1 method b37927c
Jul 16, 2011
Jeff Whitaker fix typo 8770b74
Jul 18, 2011
Jeff Whitaker fix RINGNUM and SHAPENUM 3d065d4
Jeff Whitaker renamed etopo1 to shadedrelief ff5a0b3
Jeff Whitaker remove etopo1.jpg 964e0d2
Jeff Whitaker new land-sea mask c1a2840
Jeff Whitaker use full resolution shaded relief image 839e834
Jeff Whitaker change default land-sea mask 440a987
Jeff Whitaker remove vestiges of pyshapelib 09438a4
Jeff Whitaker remove references to pyshapelib in docs aba98bb
Jeff Whitaker make is_land compatible with new land mask format 399ff97
Jul 19, 2011
Jeff Whitaker make work with python 2.5 d0a1811
Jeff Whitaker remove tabs, unused code, extra whitespace be229f2
Jul 20, 2011
Jeff Whitaker add etopo1 method d873075
Jeff Whitaker updated install instructions 180d57f
Jeff Whitaker update maskoceans method for new land-sea mask 39c95e4
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