mathtext \left and \right delimiters not working #715

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Mathtext doesn't seem to understand all delimiters when using \left and \right. For example, I can do

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.ylabel(r'$\left\{ \frac{a}{b} \right\}$')

The result is a big ugly traceback ending in

matplotlib.pyparsing.ParseFatalException: Expected a delimiter
$\left\{ \frac{a}{b} \right\}$ (at char 0), (line:1, col:1)

Using \left{ does work (but that's incorrect TeX), while \left[ doesn't work either. When I set

matplotlib.rcParams['text.usetex'] = True

Everything works as expected. But I'd prefer to be able to use mathtext.

I am using matplotlib version 1.1.0 with python 2.7.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I tried this on a new user account with no matplotlibrc or pythonrc. My default backend is MacOSX, but I get the same thing with Agg.

@mdboom mdboom Fix a couple of problems with auto-sized delimiters:
  \left{ should be \left\{ etc.

  If the delimiters have no content, they were getting shrinked down to nothing.
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Does the attached pull request resolve the issue for you?


Almost. It gets the curly braces working, but square brackets should not have a backslash in front of them. (With the backslashes, that's actually an old-fashioned TeX command that has no place in labels.) So if I take those backslashes out of your lines 2125 and 2127, it works. Thanks!

[Sorry if I should be doing something fancier here -- like adding my own diff. I'm not new to git, but I am new to github.]

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Oh, yes... just an oversight. Will fix and then merge.

@mdboom mdboom merged commit bf81821 into matplotlib:master Feb 27, 2012
@mdboom mdboom deleted the mdboom:mathtext-delimiters branch Mar 3, 2015
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