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Ext2/3/4 file system driver for Windows
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Ext3Fsd is an ext2/3/4 file system driver for Windows (2K/2003/XP/7/8/10).
It's a free and open-source software, everyone can modify or distribute under GNU GPLv2.

Development Website

Matt Wu <>

Active Developers

Matt Wu :

KaHo Ng :

Supported Features by Ext3Fsd

1, flexible inode size: > 128 bytes, up to block size
2, dir_index:    htree directory index
3, filetype:     extra file mode in dentry
4, large_file:   > 4G files supported
5, sparse_super: super block backup in group descriptor
6, uninit_bg:    fast fsck and group checksum
7, extent:       full support with extending and shrinking.
8, journal:      only support replay for internal journal
9, flex_bg:      first flexible metadata group
10, symlink and hardlink
11, mount-as-user: specifed uid/gid by user

Unsupported Ext3/4 Features

1, journal: log-based operations, external journal
2, EA (extended attributes), ACL support
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