next iteration of the Speccy2010 firmware
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  • Speccy2010 is FPGA development board built for the implementation of various gaming computers (but originally focused on ZX Spectrum and its clones).
  • This project is next iteration of the firmware primarily aimed on implementation of various disk interfaces which was common in Central European region. DivMMC interface and objectively most advanced disk system MB-02 has been already implemeted in addition to build-it Betadisk interface.

Harware Key Features:

  • FPGA: EP2C8Q208C8N
  • Microcontroller: STR755FV2T6 (or STR750FV2T6)
  • Memory: SDRAM 16 Mb K4S281632J-UC75 (or 32 Mb K4S561632J-UC75)
  • RTC: DS1338Z-33
  • Slot for SD card
  • 2x PS/2 port (keyboard, mouse)
  • 2x Canon 9-pin port for joysticks
  • USB type B - virtual com for debugging and programming the microcontroller
  • Upgrading of firmware for microcontroller and FPGA is done automatically from the root directory of the SD card
  • Video: three R-2R matrixes, 8 bits each (output to VGA, Composite, S-Video)
  • Audio TDA1543 or two R-2R matrixes, 8 bits each
  • Power supply 5V/1A

ZX Spectrum implementation features:

  • Basic models and clones (including timing):
    • ZX Spectrum 48k
    • ZX Spectrum 128k
    • Pentagon 128k/512k/1024k
    • Scorpion 256 modes
  • Disk interfaces
    • Betadisk (real floppy disk controller emulation, supported TRD, SCL and FDI disk images)
    • DivMMC (basically DivIDE control register and memory model will all 64 x 8kB SRAM pages)
    • MB-02 (without Z80DMA or real floppy disk controller but specifically modified original BIOS and simplified data transfer with new BS-DOS 308s firmware)
  • 2xAY (Turbosound), Covox/Soundrive
  • TAP / TZX support
  • full SNA support
  • S-Video and Composite output
  • VGA output (50, 60 or 75 Hz)
  • Turbo (7, 14 and 28 MHz)
  • Kempston and sinclair joysticks
  • Kempston mouse
  • Real-Time Clock (read-only)