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This is a collection of packages for working with Graphviz in JavaScript. The main package, viz, is a WebAssembly build of Graphviz with a simple JavaScript wrapper.

With Viz.js, you can easily render a graph diagram as an SVG element to display it in a webpage:

import { instance } from "@viz-js/viz";

instance().then(viz => {
  document.body.appendChild(viz.renderSVGElement("digraph { a -> b }"))

Other packages:

  • lang-dot — CodeMirror language support for the Graphviz DOT language.
  • website — Try out Graphviz and Viz.js. Render a graph visualization in your browser.
  • examples/parcel — Example of using Viz.js with the Parcel bundler.
  • examples/script-tag — Example of using the UMD build of Viz.js.



API Reference