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Melon Improvement Proposal
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MIP: Melon Improvement Proposal

Melon Improvement Proposal (inspired by the EIP of Ethereum) describe various improvement suggestions, feature requests and other potential evolution of the Melon protocol. The intention of this repository is to gather in one place all ideas and feature requests that are relevant to the Melon protocol and can be considered after v1 has been shipped (ETA: Feb 2019). The goal is to start a discussion between different players in the ecosystem and developers. Anyone is welcome and highly encouraged to contribute and submit ideas or participate in discussions.

Once your MIP has been published, do not hesitate to share the link in the ecosystem to kickstart discussions.


  1. Review the existing MIPs.
  2. Open an issue with the following format:
MIP: 1
Status: Draft
Type: MIP
Reference implementation: 





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