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How can I get involved / who is involved?

Where can I find the API?

The API docs can be found API-docs. API requests need to be sent to api.metacpan.org.

How can I try the API?

http://explorer.metacpan.org/ is an easy way to try sending queries to the back-end.

Why can't I find my module?

Oops! I made a mistake. Can you delete my module?

Requests to have modules removed from the CPAN should be directed at the PAUSE admins. Keep in mind that, if a module contains sensitive information, just deleting it from your CPAN directory is not enough, as it will still reside in the BackPAN.

If the PAUSE admins approve your request, have them CC noc@metacpan.org so that we can push the right buttons to have your work removed from MetaCPAN as well.