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Cloud-native pricing and billing infrastructure for product-led SaaS 🔥.

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Meteroid addresses the complexities and limitations of traditional billing systems, particularly for businesses transitioning to usage-based models or product-led-growth principles. It eliminates the gap between customer usage and billing, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

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How It Works

Meteroid integrates with your existing systems via a simple API, collecting data on customer usage and interactions. This data fuels the Meteroid billing engine, applying your custom pricing models to generate accurate, timely invoices.

Our platform simplifies the creation, scaling and maintenance of complex billing models, automates invoice generation, and provides clear, actionable insights for achieving your KPIs.

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For whom ?

Meteroid is designed for startups, SMEs, and enterprises looking to embrace some form of usage-based billing or product-led growth.

Build for Sustainable Growth

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of open source and open startup culture.
We believe in transparency and collaboration as foundational pillars that not only foster innovation but also build trust and community around our mission.

By choosing Rust as our core technology, we leverage its efficiency, reliability, and safety features, ensuring our platform is built on a solid, secure foundation.

Our focus on Product-Led Growth (PLG) reflects our commitment to creating products that drive user acquisition, retention, and expansion through their inherent value and user experience

This approach, combined with our open philosophy, guides us toward creating a more inclusive, sustainable future for the SaaS industries.

Developer Guide


Meteroid is in ALPHA, and is to be considered unstable.

We are working fulltime on a stable release.

Please refer to the contributing guide for how to install Meteroid from sources.


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Licensed under the AGPL V3 License.
See for more information.

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