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This is a project to provide an RDF(S) version of terms, including tools, examples and mappings to benefit from data that uses terms. Currently, we have the following sub-projects (in descending order of maturity):

  • Generating variants
  • gateway
  • Examples
  • Mappings


Over time, a number of sub-projects of emerged, introduced in the following. Have a look at the respective directories for more details.

Generating variants

This sub-project deals with generating structured representations for terms through the natural language definition found in gateway

This sub-projec develops the gateway, a anything-to-anything data format converter, based on the Lingua Franca pattern.


This sub-project collects examples in all kinds of markup and data formats, incl. RDFa, CSV, JSON etc.


This sub-project collects mappings to terms from widely deployed Linked Data vocabularies such as Dublin Core, FOAF, GoodRelations, SIOC, DBpedia ontology, etc.

Who is behind this?

Led by Michael and Richard of the Linked Data Research Centre, DERI the project is officially endorsed and supported by the EC FP7 LOD-Around-The-Clock Support Action (LATC). Many people from the Linked Data domain, Web of Data domain and other communities (SEO, library, archives, etc.) are contributing and have been delivering valuable input.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Michael, either via michael.hausenblas AT or via Twitter where he listens to @mhausenblas or drop by at the #swig channel on Freenode/IRC.


The software and artefacts (such as examples, mappings, etc.) provided through the project are, if not otherwise stated, in the Public Domain.

Roadmap and Ideas

  • Community
    • get communities involved and give them a sense of ownership (ML, Twitter, here, etc.)
    • feedback on a Wiki, issue tracker, etc. (?)
  • Generating variants
    • multi-lang labels/comments
  • gateway
  • Examples
    • collect from snippets in the wild
    • create based on existing examples
  • Mappings
    • multi-lang suggestions into a Google spreadsheet?
    • ask vocab stake-holders to provide pointers to their mapping (Michael: FOAF, DC, GR)