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Instructions for the installation of the micro-agent platform µ² are provided here. It is assumed that Eclipse is used as development environment. Other IDEs should equally work with the platform but have not been tested.

In order to use µ² several requirements need to be met. Those include installed versions of:

As mentioned the instructions assume a downloaded and installed version of the Eclipse platform, at least 'Eclipse IDE for Java Developers' (one of the smallest distributions). Any more featureful version should equally work.

Optionally: (especially when considering to develop Clojure-based agents) you might want to have a look at Counterclockwise which is an Eclipse plugin supporting the development of Clojure code (e.g. syntax highlighting, bracket matching, ...). However, µ² does not depend on this plugin in any way. It merely serves the convenience for application developers.

If those requirements (Java and Eclipse installation) are met, take the following steps to get started with the micro-agents framework:

  1. Download the latest stable release from (which essentially is a zip file) and unpack it to a folder of your choice. It contains the necessary 3rd Party Libraries dependencies in the 'libs' subfolder.

  2. Start Eclipse and create a Java project. To do this click on menu 'File', then click 'New' --> 'Java Project'. Enter an arbitrary name (e.g. 'SampleMicroAgentApp') and click on 'Finish'.

  3. From the unpacked release, add the subfolder 'trunk/main' to the Java Build Path. To do that, right-click on project --> 'Build Path' --> 'Configure Build Path ...' --> 'Link source ...'. Now select the folder, assign a folder name (per default 'main' -- micro2 in the following example), and confirm.

The following screenshots highlight those steps.

  1. Add the necessary libraries to the classpath. To do that, right-click on the Project folder and select 'Build Path', 'Add External Archives ...'. In the selection window, navigate to the 'libs' folder of the unpacked release and select all contained jar files.

  2. Copy selected content of the downloaded zip file ('cljScripts' folder and 'platform.xml' file) into the root of the created Eclipse Java project. After copying, ensure to refresh the view of the project in Eclipse (by right-clicking on the project and clicking 'Refresh', or by pressing the F5 button).

The project structure should then look similar to the following screenshot (Note that specific file names, number of files and version information of dependencies might change over time).

The micro-agent framework is now ready for the use with applications or the development of own applications. Instructions on how to create own micro-agent applications as well as existing applications can be found on the Main Page.

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