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The WSL2-Linux-Kernel repo contains the kernel source code and configuration files for the WSL2 kernel.

Reporting Bugs

If you discover an issue relating to WSL or the WSL2 kernel, please report it on the WSL GitHub project. It is not possible to report issues on the WSL2-Linux-Kernel project.

If you're able to determine that the bug is present in the upstream Linux kernel, you may want to work directly with the upstream developers. Please note that there are separate processes for reporting a normal bug and a security bug.

Feature Requests

Is there a missing feature that you'd like to see? Please request it on the WSL GitHub project.

If you're able and interested in contributing kernel code for your feature request, we encourage you to submit the change upstream.

Build Instructions

Instructions for building an x86_64 WSL2 kernel with an Ubuntu distribution are as follows:

  1. Install the build dependencies:
    $ sudo apt install build-essential flex bison dwarves libssl-dev libelf-dev
  2. Build the kernel using the WSL2 kernel configuration:
    $ make KCONFIG_CONFIG=Microsoft/config-wsl

Install Instructions

Please see the documentation on the .wslconfig configuration file for information on using a custom built kernel.