A small tight php example project for controlling Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. Uses PHP.
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This provides a basic webserver using PHP that allows GPIO control. As of initial push: no input detainting and no auth. This is a useful toy. These might get added later.

The original purpose of this is a demo project to control solenoids that allow remote control of a CaT scanner, hence the name: kitty. The basic HTML includes the parameter types for button action. The final version won't be public.. but at this level, it's a useful nice demo script.

On a fresh Raspberry Pi. With or without desktop:

apt-get install php7.0-cli

php ./setup.php ./run.sh

point web browser at Pi's IP address on port 8000

settings.php is an array that defined which GPIO pins are being used.

monitor.php is to be run as a deamon to make sure a solenoid is not active for more than 20 seconds (they get hot). This might have duty cycle math at some point.

buttons can be alloff,momentary or ptt (push to talk).