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This is a fork of original @attilabuti VSC extension : ([]

MJML preview, lint, compile for Visual Studio Code.


  • Live preview for MJML files. Preview updates as you type. Preview based on html-preview-vscode.
  • Inline errors (squiggle underlines). Linter based on atom-linter-mjml.
  • Export HTML file from MJML.
  • Copy the result HTML to clipboard.
  • Take a screenshot of the rendered MJML document.
  • Send email with Nodemailer or Mailjet.
  • Code snippets for MJML. Based on mjml-syntax.
  • Fetch official templates. Based on mjml-app.
  • Beautify MJML code.
  • Migrate a template from MJML 3 to MJML 4.
  • MJML syntax highlight. Based on mjml-syntax.
  • Built-in MJML documentation with Try it live support.

It looks like this

MJML Preview



Press F1, type ext install vscode-mjml.


Start command palette (with Ctrl+Shift+P or F1) and start typing MJML.

Available commands

The following command is available:

  • MJML: Beautify or Format Document Beautify MJML code.
  • MJML: Copy HTML Copy the result HTML to clipboard.
  • MJML: Export HTML Export HTML file from MJML.
  • MJML: Migrate Migrate a template from MJML 3 to MJML 4.
  • MJML: Multiple Screenshots Take multiple screenshots of the rendered MJML document.
  • MJML: Open Preview to the Side Opens a preview in a column alongside the current document.
  • MJML: Screenshot Take a screenshot of the rendered MJML document, and save it as a file.
  • MJML: Send Email Send email with Nodemailer or Mailjet.
  • MJML: Template Fetch official templates.
  • MJML: Documentation open the MJML documentation.
  • MJML: Search in MJML documentation search for the selected mj-element in the MJML documentation.
  • MJML: Version Shows the version of MJML.


Name Default Description
mjml.autoPreview false Automatically update preview when switching between MJML documents.
mjml.beautifyHtmlOutput false Beautify HTML output. (Works when mjml.minifyHtmlOutput aren't enabled.)
mjml.beautify Beautify options (available options).
mjml.exportType .html Specifies the file type of the output file.
mjml.lintEnable true Enable/disable MJML linter (requires restart).
mjml.lintWhenTyping true Whether the linter is run on type or on save.
mjml.mailFromName Sender name.
mjml.mailRecipients Comma separated list of recipients email addresses.
mjml.mailSender Sender email address. (Mailjet: must be a verified sender.)
mjml.mailSubject Email subject.
mjml.mailer mailjet Send email with Nodemailer or Mailjet. Possible values are 'nodemailer' and 'mailjet'.
mjml.mailjetAPIKey Mailjet API Key.
mjml.mailjetAPISecret Mailjet API Secret.
mjml.minifyHtmlOutput true Minify HTML output.
mjml.nodemailer {} Nodemailer configuration. Please see the Nodemailer documentation for more information.
mjml.preserveFocus true Preserve focus of Text Editor after preview open.
mjml.screenshotQuality 75 Screenshot quality.
mjml.screenshotType jpg Screenshot type. Possible values are 'png', 'jpg', and 'jpeg'.
mjml.screenshotWidth 650 Screenshot width.
mjml.screenshotWidths 640,750 Screenshot widths.
mjml.updateWhenTyping true Update preview when typing.
mjml.previewBackgroundColor Preview background color.
mjml.autoClosePreview true Automatically close preview when all open MJML documents have been closed.
mjml.showSaveDialog false Show the save as dialog instead of input box.
mjml.templateGallery false Show the template gallery instead of quick pick.
mjml.templateGalleryAutoClose true Automatically close template gallery when selecting a template.
mjml.switchOnSeparateFileChange true Automatically switch previews when editing a different file.


Trigger URL Content
mjall mj-all <mj-all />
mjattributes mj-attributes <mj-attributes></mj-attributes>
mjbody mj-body <mj-body></mj-body>
mjbreakpoint mj-breakpoint <mj-breakpoint width="" />
mjbutton mj-button <mj-button></mj-button>
mjcarousel mj-carousel <mj-carousel></mj-carousel>
mjcarousel-image mj-carousel-image <mj-carousel-image src="" />
mjclass mj-class <mj-class name="" />
mjcolumn mj-column <mj-column width=""></mj-column>
mjdivider mj-divider <mj-divider />
mjfont mj-font <mj-font name="" href="" />
mjgroup mj-group <mj-group></mj-group>
mjhead mj-head <mj-head></mj-head>
mjhero mj-hero <mj-hero></mj-hero>
mjimage mj-image <mj-image src="" alt="" />
mjinclude mj-include <mj-include path="" />
mjraw mj-raw <mj-raw></mj-raw>
mjsection mj-section <mj-section></mj-section>
mjsocial mj-social <mj-social></mj-social>
mjsocialelement mj-social-element <mj-social-element></mj-social-element>
mjstyle mj-style <mj-style></mj-style>
mjtable mj-table <mj-table></mj-table>
mjtext mj-text <mj-text></mj-text>
mjtitle mj-title <mj-title></mj-title>
mjml mjml <mjml></mjml>
mjpreview mj-preview <mj-preview></mj-preview>
mjspacer mj-spacer <mj-spacer height="" />
mjwrapper mj-wrapper <mj-wrapper></mj-wrapper>
mjaccordion mj-accordion <mj-accordion></mj-accordion>
mjaccordion-element mj-accordion-element <mj-accordion-element>...</mj-accordion-element>
mjnavbar mj-navbar <mj-navbar></mj-navbar>
mjnavbarlink mj-navbar-link <mj-navbar-link></mj-navbar-link>
mjlink mj-link <mj-link href=""></mj-link>
mjml- Basic MJML Template

Nodemailer configuration

Please see the Nodemailer documentation for more information.


"mjml.nodemailer": {
    "service": "Gmail",
    "auth": {
        "user": "",
        "pass": "password"


"mjml.nodemailer": {
    "host": "",
    "port": 2525,
    "auth": {
        "user": "username",
        "pass": "password"


"mjml.nodemailer": {
    "host": "",
    "port": 587,
    "auth": {
        "user": "",
        "pass": "password"

Change Log

[1.0.0] (2019-11-20)

  • This is the initial release of this extension.
  • Update MJML to 4.5.1


Submit the issues if you find any bug or have any suggestion.


Fork the repo and submit pull requests.


Main Author: Attila Buti (@attilabuti)

A big thanks to the people that have contributed to this project:


This extension is licensed under the [MIT License][license-url].


MJML preview, lint, compile for Visual Studio Code.







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