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» clean: Wipe the previous build dirs.

» mkdirs: Prepares the build dirs.

» concat: Concatenate files. (built-in)

» css: Concats, replaces @imports and minifies CSS files.

» min: Minify files using UglifyJS (built-in)

» rev: Automate the revving of assets and perform the hash rename

» usemin: Replaces references to non-minified scripts / stylesheets

» serve: Spawns up a basic local http server

» connect: livereload version of serve task

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Task - min

Read the grunt documentation on min built-in task

Min is another built-in grunt task that allows you to easily compress JavaScript files through UglifyJS.

min: {
  'publish/js/scripts.js': [ 'intermediate/js/scripts.js' ]

This is a really basic minify configuration, there's much more built-in in the grunt min task, like banner comments, specifying uglifyjs options, and minifying while concatenating files. You're encouraged to edit this basic minify configuration to match your very own setup.