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H5BP Build configuration

For what it's worth, here's the basic current configuration for the build script, which is located in repo's root.

You may edit this configuration by creating a grunt.js file in the current working directory and tweak any configuration values below. The binary will lookup for this file, and fallback accordingly to the default one if it wasn't able to find one.

To learn more about each configuration property (which are generally mapping a task name, in the case of multi-tasks type of task), refer to the according task documentation.

// This is the main html5-boilerplate build configuration file.
// Builds depends on two specific directory created during the process
// `intermediate/` and `publish/`, the first is used as a staging area, the
// second is the final result of the build that was run.
// These two values may be changed to something else with the `staging` and
// `output` config property below, and by changing any task config to match the new value.
module.exports = function(grunt) {
  // Grunt utilities
  var config = grunt.config,
    utils = grunt.utils;

  // the staging directory used during the process
  var staging ='intermediate/';

  // final build output
  var output = 'publish/';

  // extend the grunt.utils object with h5bp's utilities, wrapping  require
  // calls to utility libs (rimraf, ncp, mkdirp) as lazy-loaded getters.

  // Grunt configuration
    // the staging directory used during the process
    staging: staging,

    // final build output
    output: output,

    // environement and common configuration values
    // for futher usage in tasks that needs them.
    env: {
      platform: process.platform,
      win32: process.platform === 'win32'

    // filter any files matching one of the below pattern during mkdirs task
    exclude: 'build/** node_modules/** grunt.js package.json *.md'.split(' '),

    mkdirs: {
      staging: '<config:exclude>',
      output: '<config:exclude>'

    usemin: {
      files: ['**/*.html']

    manifest: '<config:usemin>',

    watch: {
      files: ['js/**/*.js', 'css/**', '*.html'],
      tasks: 'default',

      reload: {
        files: '<config:watch.files>',
        tasks: 'default emit'

    css: {
      'css/style.css': ['css/style.css']

    // are resolved below the output directory
    rev: {
      js: 'js/**/*.js',
      css: 'css/**/*.css',
      img: 'img/**'

    serve: {
      staging: { port: 3000 },
      output: { port: 3001 }

    connect: {
      staging: {
        hostname: 'localhost',
        port: 3000,
        logs: 'dev',
        dirs: true
      output: {
        hostname: 'localhost',
        port: 3001,
        logs: 'default',
        dirs: true

    dom: {

      files                   : ['*.html'],

      options: {
        // cwd - base directory to work from.
        // out - optimized assets get resolved to this path.

      'script[data-build]'    : h5bp.plugins.script,
      'link'                  :,
      'img'                   : h5bp.plugins.img,
      'script, link, img'     : h5bp.plugins.rev

    lint: {
      files: ['js/*.js'],
      build: ['grunt.js', 'tasks/*.js']

  // Concat configuration - prepending output / staging values to task's target
  // files are concat'd into `staging/subprop.js`
  // (eg. intermediate/js/scripts.js)
  // This is necessary config for the built-in min / concat task to operate
  // on staging or output directory, without the need to prepend their values
  // directly in the task target or data (as they may be tweaked to some other values)
  // Will probably flesh out a custom concat / min task, using grunt's helper to
  // handle these values prepends.
  var concat = config('concat') || {};
  concat[staging + 'js/scripts.js'] = ['js/plugins.js', 'js/script.js'];
  concat[staging + 'css/style.css'] = ['css/*.css'];
  config('concat', concat);

  // Min configuration - same goes the minify task
  // (eg. publish/js/scripts.js)
  var min = config('min') || {};
  min[output + 'js/scripts.js'] = [staging + 'js/plugins.js', staging + 'js/script.js'];
  config('min', min);

  // Run the following tasks...
  grunt.registerTask('default', 'intro clean mkdirs concat css min rev usemin manifest');
  grunt.registerTask('reload', 'default connect watch:reload');

  // dom based tasks - not loaded for windows platform
  config('env.win32') || grunt.loadTasks('./tasks/dom');

  // regular tasks