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WeeChat script for Off-the-Record messaging
Python Shell

WeeChat script for Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging


Please note: This script makes every effort to securely provide OTR Messaging in WeeChat but offers no guarantee. Please report any security problems you find.

Testing and security auditing are appreciated.

Build Status


This script requires Weechat 0.4.2 or later and the Pure Python OTR package to be installed (see below if this command fails):

pip install --upgrade --user python-potr

The latest release version of WeeChat OTR can be found in the WeeChat scripts repository. To install from within WeeChat:

/script install

To install manually, download from GitHub and save it in ~/.weechat/python. Then either symlink it into ~/.weechat/python/autoload or /python load in WeeChat.

Latest unstable version from GitHub

Requirements for building Pure Python OTR

If python-potr fails to install, you are probably missing some packages. To install all the requirements on a Debian/Ubuntu system, run

sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev


IRC channel: #weechat-otr on Freenode

Create GitHub issues/pull requests for questions, comments and patches or email or


Thanks to Kjell Braden for the Pure Python OTR library and the Gajim Python plugin which was used as a reference.

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