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a collaborative design practice from Colombo.

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  1. POST NO BILLS is a libre licensed stencil style font supporting Sinhala, Tamil and Latin scripts. සිංහල, දමිල හා ඉංග්‍රීසි ස්ටෙන්සිල් අකුරු රටාවක්

    HTML 15 7

  2. අභය ලිබ්රේ අකුරු මුහුණත / Abhaya Libre - the unicode compliant libre version of FM Abhaya font

    Python 34 8

  3. A Font family supporting Sinhala, Tamil and Latin.

    Python 10 4

  4. ගැමුණු ලිබ්රේ අකුරු මුහුණත / Gamunu Libre - A new interpretation to FM Gamunu font

    Python 5 4


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