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Moses, the machine translation system
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Seed the randomizer once, not every time.

This bit of mira code used to re-seed the randomizer on every call, instead
of just once on startup.  The result of time(NULL) was used as a seed, meaning
that every such call to the randomizer within the same second would return the
same value.
latest commit 10bd942127
@jtv jtv authored
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OnDiskPt delete typedefs for UINT32 and UINT64. MSVC now has uint32_t and uint…
biconcor Unify tokenize() into util, and unit-test it.
contrib Seed the randomizer once, not every time.
cruise-control changes for cruise control
defer delete External FF. FF framework changes too fast to be able to keep …
doc Replaced content by pointer to online documentation.
jam-files Check for MinGW using __MINGW32__, not MINGW.
lm Less error-like complaint when substituting fallback discounts / Matt…
mert Add cross-platform randomizer module.
mingw windows gui code
misc Modernize "C" includes in misc.
moses-cmd Add cross-platform randomizer module.
moses cleanup
phrase-extract Remove conflicting definition of isNonTerminal.
regression-testing A few more regression test routines log the command line executed.
scripts use ignore-unless /Philipp Koehn
search Modernize "C" includes in search.
symal create file stream and delete it at the end if user has specified a f…
util Add cross-platform randomizer module.
vw Using boost for prefix/suffix checks /Jeroen Vermeulen
.gitignore Update .gitignore.
.gitmodules Arrow pipeline submodules now use https protocol.
Jamroot delete External FF. FF framework changes too fast to be able to keep …
bjam Fix cd error when running bjam from non-top
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