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Moses, the machine translation system
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OnDiskPt delete typedefs for UINT32 and UINT64. MSVC now has uint32_t and uint…
biconcor Fix some C++11-related compilation errors (clang)
contrib Test and fix errors in the profiling part of speedtest and update doc…
cruise-control Beautify before cruise control test. Push using MosesAdmin account, m…
defer Preparation for allowing context-aware decoding.
doc Replaced content by pointer to online documentation.
jam-files Bug fix for compilation with --with-xmlrpc-c=...
lm Added missing header for std::cerr.
mert daily automatic beautifier
mingw Lint-fixing binge.
misc daily automatic beautifier
moses-cmd delete ChangeSource(). Not used
moses extract-ghkm: minor refactoring
phrase-extract extract-ghkm: minor refactoring
regression-testing Fix a lot of lint, mostly trailing whitespace.
scripts Generation error in EMS due to pruning. Lets see if this works.
search Remove trailing whitespace in C++ files.
symal Oops, that's a null pointer not a nul character.
util On MinGW use Windows _chsize_t, not ftruncate.
vw Fix a lot of lint, mostly trailing whitespace.
.beautify-ignore Lint-fixing binge.
.gitignore Merge branch 'master' of
.gitmodules Arrow pipeline submodules now use https protocol.
BUILD-INSTRUCTIONS.txt List extraneous parts of the source tree.
Jamroot rollback c++11 for now
bjam Fix cd error when running bjam from non-top
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