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Moses, the machine translation system
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Latest commit c75f985 @rsennrich rsennrich Merge pull request #142 from shuoyangd/master
new EMS option nnjm-settings; fix to analysis of CYK+ translation
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OnDiskPt move global Timer to Timer.h
biconcor wrong memory allocation request for document marker
contrib Revert "eclipse"
cruise-control delete bjam --with-giza arg /Ergun Bicici
defer Code refactoring: All FF now get access to AllOptions at load time, s…
doc Replaced content by pointer to online documentation.
jam-files Proper version check for xmlrpc-c.
lm KenLM e06ec4dc59f765482d7545b3cb797b8fc128ab9f
mert streamlining license to LGPL 2.1
mingw Lint-fixing binge.
misc always compile with probing pt
moses-cmd Code cleanup and refactoring.
moses Fix mosesserver for hiero
phrase-extract daily automatic beautifier
regression-testing Server tests now also log the command line run during for test.
regtest @ 0f89279 Updated submodule regtest.
scripts fix search graph parsing for CYK+
search WordsRange -> Range
symal Oops, that's a null pointer not a nul character.
util Flush before seek
vw move to "single-line classifier" setting for VW
.beautify-ignore Reorganization of server options.
.gitignore Ignoring directories doxy (doxygen output) and opt (3rd-party depende…
.gitmodules change http -> https /Michael Hutt
COPYING streamlining license to LGPL 2.1
Jamroot Bjam would not link libboost_serialization statically unless explicit…
bjam Fix cd error when running bjam from non-top Use absolute path for external dependencies.
doxygen.conf Update to doxygen.conf. Update to .
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