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Version 1.48.0

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@mothur-westcott mothur-westcott released this 18 May 18:42


  • Adds translate.seqs command. #789
  • Adds make.count command to assign groups to fasta files.
  • Adds format parameter to command.
  • Updates, trim.seqs, trim.flows to output count file by default.
  • Significant speed improvements to commands that split by sample. ie, pre.cluster, chimera commands
  • Significant speed Improvements to unifrac.weighted.
  • Adds group name check to update sample names with illegal characters.
  • Adds flow file to get.groups
  • General speed improvement with sequence commands.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes bug with chimera.vsearch with no groups and denovo
  • Fixes bug with clearcut sequence name copy
  • Fixes bug with make.contigs screening parameters if maxlength not set
  • Fixes bug with split.groups flow file option with count table
  • Fixes bug with sets parameter not passing to pairwise lefse calc
  • Fixes bug with make.sra single-end reads