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Welcome to the MovingPandas examples repository!

This repository contains Jupyter notebooks demonstrating MovingPandas features.

👉 Jump right in with Example 1: Getting Started

You can run the these notebooks on MyBinder - no installation required: Binder

Alternatively, if you prefer VS Code, you can run Github Codespaces: Open in GitHub Codespaces

The main MovingPandas repo is

Visit for details!


If you want to run these examples on your local machine, use the environment definition file (environment.yml) provided in this repository.

  1. Install Conda and mamba
  2. Clone the movingpandas-examples repository
  3. Navigate to the cloned directory
  4. Run mamba env create -f environment.yml

Post installation

  1. Activate the mpd-ex environment
  2. Launch Jupyter notebooks and navigate to the movingpandas-examples directory
  3. Now you can run the notebooks, experiment with the code and adjust it to your own data

Generating html exports using nbautoexport

First, you will need to install nbautoexport. Then register nbautoexport to run automatically while using Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab:

  1. conda install nbautoexport --channel conda-forge
  2. nbautoexport install

Finally restart the Jupyter server.