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Formerly the Firefox OS emoji set, now just FxEmojis.



$ git clone
$ cd fxemoji/
$ npm install

Quick start

Change permissions of with chmod +x


Prepare SVG's

We need few SVG's per icon.

  • SVG file for each color layer
  • SVG that contains the complete glyph.

The files need to be named with uni code prefix.

###First Icon :

  • u1F60A-smileeyes.svg (complete glyph)
  • u1F60A.layer1.svg (Layer 1)
  • u1F60A.layer2.svg (Layer 2)
  • etc.

###Second Icon :

  • u1F60B-smiletongue.svg (complete glyph)
  • u1F60B.layer1.svg (Layer 1)
  • u1F60B.layer2.svg (Layer 2)
  • etc.

##How to Contribute

Please contact Mike Hoye ( for contribution information; more info TBD.