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bootstrap setting up a new mac to be non-useless. rvm, virtualenvwrapper, homebrew, git config, dotfiles, et al.

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(Looking for the old version? Check out the version2 branch!)


Scripts and walkthroughs to bootstrap my new Macs when I get them. This doesn't happen all too often, but in between home, work, desktops, laptops, catastrophic hardware failures, etc., it happens more often than I'd like!

The main things this handles (thus far):

  • RVM and Ruby 1.9.x
  • Node.js and NPM, with global CoffeeScript
  • Other handy CLI stuff: homebrew, git, ack, ssh-copy-id, etc...
  • Common libraries: XQuartz, ImageMagick
  • zsh shell with oh-my-zsh and syntax highlighting
  • Installs a bunch of common applications for dev types: Chrome, Firefox, MacVim, TextMate, SublimeText, Dropbox, GitHub for Mac, VirtualBox/Vagrant, SizeUp...
  • Sets some very minimal non-annoying default preferences, like disabling "natural scrolling" and setting the Aqua color to graphite rather than candy-colored.
  • Easy dotfile management via homesick
  • A macro-update task to update everything for us OCD-compulsives.
  • Everything should easily customizeable

This is still a bit of a mess, but getting cleaned up over time, and is approaching the point where it could be easily customized for your own usage.

Core Philosophy

Tasks should be runnable at any time, creating/repairing installations when needed, ignoring stuff if already exists.

What's new in version 3?

Moved to using chef recipes for software installation. Trying to backport all my needed installs into pivotal_workstation project so they can benefit others!



Make sure you have Apple Dev Tools installed because life is impossible on a Mac otherwise (shame this part can't be automated!).

Then do sudo gem install bundler; bundle install in this repo directory. This will get all your pre-dependencies going.

Bootstrap it!

Just do rake bootstrap and make yourself a coffee.

To just do software installation (in case you don't have a dotfile repo), you can do bootstrap:software which will get the entire environment up and going but won't mess with configuration management.

Doing stuff manually instead

Tasks can be run invidually if needed.

Main software installation

Once bundle dependencies are installed, can be run via cookbooks:converge.

Want to modify what gets installed? Edit the list of recipes in soloistrc. The recipes for this are managed via the pivotal_workstation project.

Other software setup (Rake tasks)

There are a few for things that haven't been backported into chef recipes in pivotal_workstation yet. Thus, they have their own rake tasks. For example, some handy ones:

  • install coffeescript globally node:coffee_install
  • zsh syntax highlighting zsh:syntax_highlighting_install
  • install macvim with janus vim:install

All of these that are run by default are handled via task bootstrap:extras.

Configuration management


User dotfiles are now managed via homesick. Do rake dotfiles:install to get things going.

By default, we look for $USERNAME/dotfiles on GitHub, and we try to infer your GitHub username from your system environment. To manually override, you can set DOTFILES_GITHUB_USERNAME and/or DOTFILES_REPO_NAME, For example, like so:

DOTFILES_GITHUB_USERNAME=johndoe rake dotfiles:setup

Alternately, you can simply do it manually by following the instructions on the homesick page (or not).

SublimeText user folder

To link... TODO DESC


Since we're OCD, we need a script update everything. This is handled via rake update.

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