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Pure JavaScript implementation of the Avro specification.



$ npm install avsc



const avro = require('avsc');
  • Encode and decode values from a known schema:

    const type = avro.Type.forSchema({
      type: 'record',
      name: 'Pet',
      fields: [
          name: 'kind',
          type: {type: 'enum', name: 'PetKind', symbols: ['CAT', 'DOG']}
        {name: 'name', type: 'string'}
    const buf = type.toBuffer({kind: 'CAT', name: 'Albert'}); // Encoded buffer.
    const val = type.fromBuffer(buf); // = {kind: 'CAT', name: 'Albert'}
  • Infer a value's schema and encode similar values:

    const type = avro.Type.forValue({
      city: 'Cambridge',
      zipCodes: ['02138', '02139'],
      visits: 2
    // We can use `type` to encode any values with the same structure:
    const bufs = [
      type.toBuffer({city: 'Seattle', zipCodes: ['98101'], visits: 3}),
      type.toBuffer({city: 'NYC', zipCodes: [], visits: 0})
  • Get a readable stream of decoded values from an Avro container file (see the BlockDecoder API for an example compressed using Snappy):

      .on('metadata', function (type) { /* `type` is the writer's type. */ })
      .on('data', function (val) { /* Do something with the decoded value. */ });