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NFD: Named Data Networking Forwarding Daemon

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NFD is a network forwarder that implements and evolves together with the Named Data Networking (NDN) protocol. Since the initial public release in 2014, NFD has been a core component of the NDN Platform.

The main design goal of NFD is to support diverse experimentation of NDN technology. The design emphasizes modularity and extensibility to allow easy experiments with new protocol features, algorithms, new applications. We have not fully optimized the code for performance. The intention is that performance optimizations are one type of experiments that developers can conduct by trying out different data structures and different algorithms; over time, better implementations may emerge within the same design framework.

NFD will keep evolving in three aspects: improvement of the modularity framework, keeping up with the NDN protocol spec, and addition of other new features. We hope to keep the modular framework stable and lean, allowing researchers to implement and experiment with various features, some of which may eventually work into the protocol spec.


See docs/INSTALL.rst for compilation and installation instructions.

Extensive documentation is available on NFD's homepage.

Reporting bugs

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests to the NFD issue tracker.


NFD is developed by a community effort. Although the first release was mostly done by the members of NSF-sponsored NDN project team, it already contains significant contributions from people outside the project team (see We strongly encourage participation from all interested parties, since broader community support is key for NDN to succeed as a new Internet architecture.

Contributions to NFD are greatly appreciated and can be made through our Gerrit code review site. If you are new to the NDN software community, please read our Contributor's Guide and to get started.


NFD is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See for details.