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What’s this?!

plugins.rb is a ruby porcelain to replace GIT’s submodule command.


Please read article and full instructions here.

Are you nuts! Why!!!!

Good point. There is no reason for not using submodules… except in my case submodules don’t work for me.

I have a central SVN repository which hosts my Rails sites. I have a second SVN repository that hosts two dozen plugins which I modified and which I use in all my Rails apps. The Rails SVN repository pulls require plugins through svn:externals.

Sadly, GIT’s git-svn cannot dcommit to svn if said GIT repository contains submodules.

So… here we are…. (awkward silence)..

plugins.rb addresses this by allowing me to clone my Rails plugins and two a two stage push:

  1. dcommit my main Rails app
  2. dcommit any modified plugin modules to my second SVN plugin repository

Hopefully git-svn will soon be updated to support dcommiting repositories with submodules.