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Related projects

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You can find Neovim plugins on these sites:


If you're working on a Neovim GUI, include it (alphabetically) below!

Platform Project Activity
Avalonia yatli/fvim active (c. 2022-Aug)
Browsers glacambre/firenvim active (c. 2023-Mar)
C++/DirectWrite RMichelsen/Nvy active (c. 2022-Sep)
C++/SDL2 etorth/libnvc
C++/Gtk sakhnik/nvim-ui active (c. 2022-Dec)
curses/Python mvilim/neovim-pytc-example inactive (c. 2021-Dec)
Direct2D dontpanic92/dotnvim inactive (c. 2021-Dec)
EFL Eovim
Electron UI envim active (c. 2023-Mar)
Electron UI uivonim inactive (c. 2021-Dec)
Electron UI VV active (c. 2022-Sep)
gnome-terminal neovim-gnome-terminal-wrapper
Go/OpenGL Neoray active (c. 2022-Sep)
Go/Qt akiyosi/goneovim active (c. 2023-Mar)
GTK/Python UI rliang/nvim-pygtk3
GTK/Python UI Bominade (b8)
GTK/Rust UI daa84/neovim-gtk inactive (c. 2022-Jan)
GTK/Rust UI Lyude/neovim-gtk active (c. 2023-Jan)
GTK4/Rust UI GNvim active (c. 2023-Feb)
GTK4/Rust UI Reovim active (c. 2022-Mar)
I3/Sway glacambre/nwin
JavaFX jebberjeb/javafx-neovimpane
macOS qvacua/vimr active (c. 2022-Dec)
macOS rogual/neovim-dot-app
mac OS UI DinVim Vim for Mac
Qt 5 equalsraf/neovim-qt active (c. 2023-Mar)
Qt 5 rohit-px2/nvui
Qt Creator sassanh/qnvim
Rust neovide/neovide active (c. 2023-Mar)
Sublime Text lunixbochs/actualvim
Terminal Wrapper glrnvim
VSCode VSCodeVim
VSCode VSCode Neovim

API clients

Platform Project
C# neovim/
C++ DaikiMaekawa/neovim.cpp
C++/Qt5 equalsraf/neovim-qt
C++/ncurses SoC/neovim-client
C++/Magnum Squareys/magnum-neovim-api
Clojure jebberjeb/neovim-client
Common Lisp adolenc/cl-neovim
D viniarck/nvimhost-d
Dart smolck/dart-nvim-api
Elixir awetzel/neovim-elixir
Filesystem fmoralesc/nvimfs
Go neovim/go-client
Haskell neovimhaskell/nvim-hs
Java fdinoff/neovim-java-client
Java esensar/neovim-java
Julia bfredl/Neovim.jl
Kotlin esensar/neovim-kotlin
Lua neovim/lua-client
Node.js neovim/node-client
Node.js neoclide/neovim
OCaml janestreet/vcaml
Perl jacquesg/Neovim-Ext
Perl yanick/Neovim-RPC
Python neovim/pynvim
R jalvesaq/Nvim-R
Racket HiPhish/neovim.rkt
Ruby neovim/neovim-ruby
Rust noib3/nvim-oxi
Rust daa84/neovim-lib (inactive, c. 2022-Jan)
Rust KillTheMule/nvim-rs
Scala viniarck/nvimhost-scala
Swift/Cocoa NvimView (part of qvacua/vimr)


These projects let you write Nvim plugins in languages other than Lua.

Non-plugin software

This is software either targeted at Neovim or with support for it.

  • chromatin: Package manager for plugins built with Ribosome
  • flatnvim: Tool that prevents nested Neovim instances
  • neovim-remote: Tool that helps controlling Neovim processes
  • nero.nvim: A REPL for Neovim (as in managing Neovim through a REPL)
  • nfasd Autocomplete recent files in command line
  • nvimdev: Help to Neovim development
  • nvimpager: Use Neovim as $PAGER to view man pages, git logs, etc. with Neovim's syntax highlighting
  • page: Advanced $PAGER, acts like neovim-remote, features fast CSI sequences processing
  • ribosome: Framework for building and testing Python plugins
  • SpaceVim: A community-driven modular Vim distribution
  • tmux-nvr: tmux session-specific Neovim instances with neovim-remote
  • tmux-resurrect: Restore tmux environment after system restart
  • vmux: Vim/Neovim session handler within tmux
  • Vroom: Way to specify Vim commands (actual input keys that that the user hits) and then verify Vim's output