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If you're working on a Neovim-related project, include it (alphabetically) below!

Note: Some of these projects are experimental/unstable.


Platform Project
Atom Integration carlosdcastillo/vim-mode
C++/Python meatich/NeoSFML
C++/SDL2 etorth/libnvc
curses/Python mvilim/neovim-pytc-example
EFL Eovim
Electron UI coolwanglu/neovim-e
Electron UI rhysd/NyaoVim
Electron UI onivim/oni
Electron UI veonim
Electron UI VV
VSCode VSCodeVim
gnome-terminal fmoralesc/neovim-gnome-terminal-wrapper
Go/Qt akiyosi/gonvim
Go/Qt dzhou121/gonvim
GTK/Python UI neovim/python-gui
GTK/Python UI rliang/nvim-pygtk3
GTK/Rust UI daa84/neovim-gtk
GTK/Rust UI GNvim
JavaFX jebberjeb/javafx-neovimpane
Konsole harish2704/neovim-konsole
macOS qvacua/vimr
macOS rogual/neovim-dot-app
mac OS UI DinVim Vim for Mac
Qt 5 equalsraf/neovim-qt
Qt Creator sassanh/qnvim
Rust IDE oakes/SolidOak
Sublime Text lunixbochs/actualvim
Tk/Python UI timeyyy/pytknvim
Windows/Linux meatich/Viy

API clients

Platform Project
C# neovim/
C++ DaikiMaekawa/neovim.cpp
C++/Qt5 equalsraf/neovim-qt
C++/ncurses SoC/neovim-client
C++/Magnum Squareys/magnum-neovim-api
Clojure jebberjeb/neovim-client
Common Lisp adolenc/cl-neovim
D viniarck/nvimhost-d
Elixir awetzel/neovim-elixir
Elixir dm1try/nvim
Filesystem fmoralesc/nvimfs
Go neovim/go-client
Haskell neovimhaskell/nvim-hs
Java fdinoff/neovim-java-client
Java esensar/neovim-java
Julia bfredl/Neovim.jl
Lua neovim/lua-client
Node.js neovim/node-client
Node.js promised-neovim-client (fork of the official client)
Perl yanick/Neovim-RPC
Python neovim/python-client
R jalvesaq/Nvim-R
Racket HiPhish/neovim.rkt
Ruby neovim/neovim-ruby
Rust oakes/neovim-rs
Rust daa84/neovim-lib
Swift/Cocoa SwiftNeoVim (part of qvacua/vimr)


The following plugins take advantage of specific Neovim features, e.g. jobstart(), :terminal or its remote plugin mechanism.

  • acid.nvim: Asynchronous nREPL client for Clojure development
  • alchemist.vim: Elixir integration
  • bolt.nvim: Filter as you type file manager with fuzzy matching and ripgrep integration
  • buildit.nvim: An async project builder, tries to detect the right builder for your project
  • chromatica.nvim: Clang-based syntax highlighting
  • coc.nvim: Completion and other language server support for Neovim, featured as VSCode
  • dein.vim: Plugin manager
  • denite.nvim: Dark powered plugin for Neovim/Vim to unite all interfaces
  • deoplete.nvim: Dark powered asynchronous completion framework
  • Extract: Puts and yanks to a list with normal, visual swapping, and insert list/register completion
  • far.vim: Search and replace
  • Floobits: Floobits plugin
  • fzf-gitignore: A fzf (command-line fuzzy finder) interface for creating .gitignore files using the API
  • gen_tags.vim: Async plugin for Vim and Neovim to ease the use of Ctags/gTags
  • haskell-vim: Custom syntax highlighting and indentation Vimscripts for Haskell and Cabal
  • InsertLeftBracket.nvim: Auto-complete brackets for Objective-C files
  • iron.nvim: REPL management
  • LanguageClient-neovim: Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for Neovim
  • lldb.nvim: Debugger integration with a focus on ease-of-use
  • markdown-preview.nvim: Preview Markdown files on your browser with synchronous scrolling; flexible configuration using Neovim's RPC API
  • mirror.vim: Efficient way to edit remote files on multiple environments
  • mkdx: Vim plugin that adds some nice extras for working with Markdown documents
  • ncm2: Slim, fast, and hackable completion framework for Neovim (fork of nvim-completion-manager)
  • neogdb.vim: Vim GDB front-end for neovim written in python/vimscript
  • neomake-multiprocess: Vim plugin for running multiple process asynchronously based on Neomake
  • neomake: Asynchronous linting and make framework
  • neopipe: Send lines of text to an external command and display output in a scratch buffer
  • neotags.nvim: Plugin that generates and highlights Ctags
  • neoterm: Wrapper of some Neovim's :terminal functions
  • neotex: Latex live preview
  • neovim-hackernews: Display Hacker News (HN) stories inside Neovim
  • neovim-ranger: File manager with Vi key bindings
  • neovim-vifm: Integration between Vifm (Vi file manager) and Neovim
  • nlanguagetool.nvim: Integration with LanguageTool, a style and grammar checker for natural languages
  • nuake: Quake-style terminal panel for Neovim
  • nvim-completion-manager (deprecated): Fast, extensible, asynchronous completion framework
  • nvim-editcommand: Edit your current shell command inside a scratch buffer
  • nvim-gdb: Neovim thin wrapper for GDB, LLDB and PDB written in Moonscript/Lua
  • nvim-go: Go development plugin for Neovim written in pure Go
  • nvim-ipy: IPython/Jupyter integration
  • nvim-luadev: REPL for developing lua plugins
  • nvim-miniyank: Simple yankring (shared across instances)
  • nvim-moonmaker: Adds plugin support for MoonScript files in the same way the built-in support for Lua/Python files works (by automatically compiling MoonScript files to Lua)
  • nvim-palette: Fuzzy search of settings
  • Nvim-R: Plugin to work with R
  • nvim-terminus: Edit your current command in a scratch buffer
  • nvim-typescript: Asynchronous typescript tooling and completion
  • nvimpam: Provides async folding for Pam-Crash files
  • nvimux: Neovim as multiplexer with tmux keybindings
  • orchestra.nvim: Bind sound effects to different actions
  • proteome: Assists in working on multiple projects in a single Neovim instance
  • semshi: Semantic highlighting for Python
  • termedit.nvim Sets the Neovim host instance as $EDITOR
  • vim-accio: Asynchronously summons build/compiler/linter output to your screen by wrapping the :compiler and :make commands
  • vim-airline: See this commit
  • vim-chat: Chat client for QQ and Weixin
  • vim-composer: Support for Composer PHP projects
  • vim-esearch: Perform search in files easily
  • vim-ghost: Neovim client for GhostText browser extension on Firefox and Chrome
  • vim-gitgutter: Shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) and stages/undos hunks
  • vim-go: See PR 607 for feature list
  • vim-grepper: Use your favorite grep tool (ag, ack, git grep, ripgrep, pt, sift, findstr, grep) to start an asynchronous search
  • vim-javacomplete2: An omni-completion plugin for Java
  • vim-man: View and grep man pages in Vim
  • vim-markdown-composer: Asynchronous Markdown preview
  • vim-netranger: Ranger-like system/cloud storage explorer
  • vim-pandoc: Integrate with the Pandoc document converter and work with documents written in its Markdown variant
  • vim-plug: Plugin manager
  • vim-rainbows: Runtime files for the Rainbow programming language
  • vim-signify: Uses the sign column to indicate added, modified and removed lines in a file that is managed by a version control system (VCS)
  • vim-test: Wrapper for running tests on different granularities
  • vim-tmux-clipboard: Seamless integration with tmux's clipboard
  • vimcmdline: Sends lines from either Vim or Neovim to a command line interpreter (REPL application)
  • vsh: Store and replay shell sessions; also output search/modification/undo/redo
  • worldslice: Minimalistic statusline and tabline configuration

Non-plugin software

This is software either targeted at Neovim or with support for it.

  • chromatin: Package manager for plugins built with Ribosome
  • neovim-remote: Tool that helps controlling Neovim processes
  • nero.nvim: A REPL for Neovim (as in managing Neovim through a REPL)
  • nfasd Autocomplete recent files in command line
  • nvimdev: Help to Neovim development
  • nvimpager: Use Neovim as $PAGER to view man pages, git logs, etc. with Neovim's syntax highlighting
  • page: Advanced $PAGER, acts like neovim-remote, features fast CSI sequences processing
  • ribosome: Framework for building and testing Python plugins
  • tmux-resurrect: Restore tmux environment after system restart
  • vmux: Vim/Neovim session handler within tmux
  • Vroom: Way to specify Vim commands (actual input keys that that the user hits) and then verify Vim's output


Color schemes make use of Neovim-specific features, e.g. highlight groups or terminal emulator colors.

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