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  1. If you are working on a Neovim-related project, include it below!
  2. Keep it sorted alphabetically, ignoring case. Unsorted entries will be removed from time to time!
  3. Disclaimer: The projects below might be experimental and not ready for end users.


Platform Project
Atom Integration carlosdcastillo/vim-mode
C++/Python meatich/NeoSFML
Electron UI coolwanglu/neovime
Electron UI rhysd/NyaoVim
Electron UI extr0py/oni
gnome-terminal fmoralesc/neovim-gnome-terminal-wrapper
GTK/Python UI neovim/python-gui
Konsole harish2704/neovim-konsole
Mac OS X qvacua/vimr
Mac OS X rogual/neovim-dot-app
Qt 5 equalsraf/neovim-qt
Rust IDE oakes/SolidOak
Tk/Python UI timeyyy/pytknvim
Windows/Linux meatich/Viy

API clients

Platform Project
C# Pireax/neovim.cs
C++ DaikiMaekawa/neovim.cpp
C++/Qt5 equalsraf/neovim-qt
C++/ncurses SoC/neovim-client
Clojure jebberjeb/neovim-client
Common Lisp adolenc/cl-neovim
Elixir awetzel/neovim-elixir
Elixir dm1try/nvim
Filesystem fmoralesc/nvimfs
Go neovim/go-client
Go myitcv/neovim
Haskell neovimhaskell/nvim-hs
Java fdinoff/neovim-java-client
Julia bfredl/Neovim.jl
Lua neovim/lua-client
Node.js neovim/node-client
Node.js promised-neovim-client (fork of the official client)
Perl yanick/Neovim-RPC
Python neovim/python-client
R jalvesaq/nvimcom
Ruby alexgenco/neovim-ruby
Rust oakes/neovim-rs
Rust daa84/neovim-lib
Swift/Cocoa SwiftNeoVim (part of qvacua/vimr)


The following plugins take advantage of specific Neovim features, e.g. jobstart(), :terminal or its remote plugin mechanism.

Non-plugin software

This is software either targeted at Neovim or with support for it.