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Key Map

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The default keymap allows 1 out of 4 players. The keymap can be changed in the Game Menu for all 4 players.

btn(id) function returns true if button is pressed in current frame.
btnp(id) if pressed in current and wasn't pressed in previous frame.

Here's a table that summarizes the ID's to interrogate:

Action P1 ID P2 ID P3 ID P4 ID
Up 0 8 16 24
Down 1 9 17 25
Left 2 10 18 26
Right 3 11 19 27
A 4 12 20 28
B 5 13 21 29
X 6 14 22 30
Y 7 15 23 31

Note: Specifying any button index below 0 or above 31 will wrap around the value consecutively.

The default keymapping for Player 1 is:

Action Key (QWERTY)
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow

Note: The Android version of TIC-80 only has access to the first game pad. It ignores key bindings and places virtual buttons on the screen. Any TIC-80 programs that use key bindings as the basis must be what is in the table above.

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