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nodeGame is a free, open source, real-time javascript framework for online, multiplayer games in the browser.

nodeGame is a general framework to play any kind of game online, but it specially designed to conduct social experiments.

The Good parts

  • Open source and open standard (HTML5)
  • Modular framework (server / client / window / widgets / games)
  • Low / medium level of programming required
  • Powerful API
  • Integrated NDDB Javascript database
  • Server can run multiple games at the same time
  • Customizable waiting rooms for online games
  • Works on mobile devices and tablets
  • Installation is required only for the server, clients just need their browser windows
  • Integrates smoothly with other libraries (e.g. jQuery, D3.js, etc.) and web services, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk

Quick Start

nodeGame comes with a default game taken from the academic literature of game theory. It is called the Ultimatum game. To play it follows the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of node.js for your platform
  2. Download the latest version of git for your platform
  3. Download the development version of nodeGame using the install script for Mac/Linux or Windows
  4. Open a terminal and browse to the nodegame/ folder
  5. Start the server with the command: node launcher.js
  6. Open two or more browser tabs pointing to localhost:8080/ultimatum
  7. Open a browser tab pointing to localhost:8080/ultimatum/monitor

To keep your development version code base up to date you can use the script in bin/ (Mac/Linux only).


Complete documentation is available in the nodeGame wiki.



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