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nodeGame: Online Real-Time Synchronous Experiments

Fast, scalable JavaScript for large-scale, online, multiplayer, real-time games and experiments.

nodeGame is a general framework to play any kind of game online, but it specially designed to conduct social experiments.

The Good parts

  • Open source and open standard (HTML5)
  • Modular framework (server / client / window / widgets / games)
  • Low / medium level of programming required
  • Powerful API
  • Integrated NDDB Javascript database
  • Server can run multiple games at the same time
  • Powerful and customizible waiting rooms
  • Monitor interface
  • Works on mobile devices and tablets
  • Bots and Phantoms
  • Installation is required only for the server, clients just need their browser windows
  • Integrates smoothly with other libraries (e.g. jQuery, D3.js, etc.) and web services, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk

Quick Start

nodeGame comes with a default game taken from the academic literature of game theory. It is called the Ultimatum game. To play it follows the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of node.js for your platform
  2. Download the latest version of git for your platform
  3. Download installer, and install nodegame: node nodegame-installer
  4. Enter installation directory.
  5. Start the server with the command: node launcher.js
  6. Open two or more browser tabs pointing to localhost:8080/ultimatum
  7. Open a browser tab pointing to localhost:8080/ultimatum/monitor

To keep your development version code base up to date you can use the script in bin/ (Mac/Linux only).


Complete documentation is available in the nodeGame wiki.