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A flexible Visual Novel engine/runtime that allows for cross platform visual novel development.
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NovelRT is a cross-platform, flexible Visual Novel and 2D game engine. It is aimed at designers and developers alike, however many of the designer tools and features we have on our roadmap have yet to be implemented.

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Windows x64 Build Status Build Status
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Current Features

Currently, NovelRT supports the following in its base form:

  • Graphics LLAPI
  • Audio LLAPI

Future & Immediate Improvements

Current features in development include:

  • C++ HLAPI
  • Lua 5.3 LLAPI
  • CoreCLR hosting
  • Ink narrative scripting language support

For information on Ink, check it out from here.

Getting Started with NovelRT

Currently there are no binary distributions of the engine as of yet, and we are still in our early alpha for almost everything. If you wish to attempt to build a basic visual novel with the existing C++ API, you must first git clone this repository and set up vcpkg, which you can find out more about here.

Our dependency list currently includes:

  • sdl2
  • sdl2-mixer
  • sdl2-image
  • Lua 5.3
  • glad
  • glm
  • freetype

The minimum CMake version required for this project is 3.13.


Examples will be placed here when we have created some. In the meantime, we advise asking us directly on our discord (invite URL above and below).


First off, if you want to contribute, thanks! Tickets that are not being resolved by the development team will be plainly marked as such via Help Wanted or something similar to that should it change. We also would greatly appreciate being reached out to via our discord to discuss what you could work on.

NovelRT and everyone contributing (this includes issues, pull requests, the wiki, Discord in all forms, etc.) must abide by our code of conduct, which can be found here. Instances of abuse, harrassment or otherwise unacceptable behaviour must either be reported to a NovelRT Discord via direct message or by contacting us via email at


Copyright © Matt Jones and Contributors. Licensed under the MIT License (MIT). See LICENCE in the repository root for more information.


You can reach us directly via our discord, or you can post your question as an issue on the appropriate repository (but honestly asking us directly might be easier).

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