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Typescript Version of HackerNews Nuxt
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Nuxt Hacker News TS

HackerNews clone built with Nuxt.js and TypeScript showcasing best practices of developing real life modern isomorphic Web Apps with Nuxt. It features integrations with TsLint (linting), Prettier (code formatting), Jest (testing), Axios (http calls on steroids), Storybook* (component playground).

Live Demo


Coming soon


  • Server Side Rendering & Caching
  • Code Splitting
  • Single-file Vue Components
  • Real-time List Updates with FLIP Animation
  • Prefetch/Preload JS + DNS + Data
  • Critical Path CSS
  • PWA experience using PWA Module with almost zero config
  • PRPL
  • Hot reloading dev environment
  • TSLint and Prettier integration
  • Typescript 3
  • Storybook Integration (Coming Soon)
  • Snapshot and Unit Tests with Jest and Vue-Test-Utils (Coming Soon)

Build Setup

Requires Node.js 6+

# install dependencies
npm install # or yarn

# serve in dev mode, with hot reload at localhost:3000
npm run dev

# build for production
npm run build

# serve in production mode
npm start

# run unit tests
npm run test

# validate code with TSLint (with Prettier)
npm run lint

# validate and fix with TSLint (with Prettier)
npm run lintfix


For Nuxt JS version go here

This repository is originally ported from vue-hackernews-2.0 and HackerNews Nuxt



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