Auto Mining Strategies

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Auto-Mining Strategies

MultiMiner supports automatically mining crypto coins based on a set of configurable strategies. Profitability information is updated regularly from Online Services such as and

MultiMiner can automatically mine coins based not only on Profit, but also on Difficulty and Price.

Configure Strategies

Using Auto-Mining Strategies

  1. Click the Strategies toolbar button
  2. Check the Automatically mine coin(s) check box
  3. In the corresponding combo box, select from Profitability, Difficulty, or Price
  4. If mining based on Profit, select a Profitability kind from Profitability Adjusted for Stales, Average Profitability Past 7 Days, or Straight Profitability

You can make use of the optional Strategies settings to fine tune Auto-Mining. The terms used in these settings update slightly depending on the bases for Auto-Mining, but the functionality remains the same.

For instance, if you are mining crypto coins based on Difficulty, you can specify not to mine coins that are less difficult than either a specified reference coin and / or a specified Difficulty value.