Stratum Proxy

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Stratum Proxy

The Stratum proxy feature in MultiMiner allows you to add a virtual proxy device. This device will show in its own group in the main screen and you can assign the device to mine crypto coins as you would a local or network device.

You can then configure stand-alone devices and miners to use the MultiMiner IP address and Stratum proxy port as a mining pool host. MultiMiner will proxy the work from the stand-alone miner(s) to the pool configured for the device.

By enabling the Perks in MultiMiner you gain access to adding unlimited proxy devices. This allows you to setup multiple virtual proxy devices for different crypto-coins and pools and to use the Auto Mining Strategies for multiple proxies.

To enable and configure Stratum proxy settings:

  1. Click the Settings toolbar button
  2. Click Advanced miner settings
Windows Setup Wizard

Note that once your proxy settings are configured you will need to click Scan Hardware in the application context menu to discover / display new virtual devices.

In addition you will need to click the Start button to start the backend miners that perform the proxying.