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File        : README.md
Maintainer  : Felix C. Stegerman <flx@obfusk.net>
Date        : 2018-09-16

Copyright   : Copyright (C) 2018  Felix C. Stegerman
Version     : v0.1.1
License     : GPLv3+

PyPI Version Build Status GPLv3+


m - minimalistic media manager - GUI

A minimalistic GUI for m.


$ m-gui --stay-fullscreen --scale 2.0


$ m-gui --help          # show options
$ m-gui --show-config   # show configuration


Python >= 3.5, PyGObject, GTK+ 3, VTE; and m of course.


You can just put m-gui.py somewhere on your $PATH (in e.g. ~/bin; I suggest calling it m-gui, but you're free to choose another name).

You may want to clone the repository instead of just downloading m-gui.py to be able to get new versions easily.

Alternatively, you can install mmm-gui using pip (the Python package manager) or build and install a Debian package.

NB: the pip and Debian packages are called mmm-gui instead of m-gui.

Using git

$ cd /some/convenient/dir
$ git clone https://github.com/obfusk/m-gui.git obfusk-m-gui
$ cd ~/bin                  # or some other dir on your $PATH
$ ln -s /some/convenient/dir/obfusk-m-gui/m-gui.py m-gui


$ cd /some/convenient/dir/obfusk-m-gui
$ git pull

Using pip

$ pip3 install --user mmm-gui # for Debian; on other OS's you may need
                              # pip instead of pip3 and/or no --user

Building a Debian package

$ sudo apt install debhelper dh-python pandoc # install build dependencies
$ sudo apt install python3-gi libgtk-3-0 libvte-2.91-0  # run dependencies
$ cd /some/convenient/dir
$ git clone https://github.com/obfusk/m-gui.git obfusk-m-gui
$ cd obfusk-m-gui
$ dpkg-buildpackage
$ sudo dpkg -i ../mmm-gui_*_all.deb

Configuration File

You can configure some settings in ~/.obfusk-m/gui.json. To see the current configuration, run:

$ m-gui --show-config

NB: some (non-gui-specific) options -- like using mpv as player -- are better configured via config.json; see the documentation of m for more information.


NB: since bookmarks are saved in gui.json, adding a bookmark from the GUI will open and re-save this file. Formatting is thus not preserved, data should be (unless you happen to trigger a race condition by writing to this file in between loading and saving by the GUI).

  "bookmarks": [


  "scale": 2.0,
  "stay_fullscreen": true

Adding commands

  "add_commands": [
      "mark-and-next space _Mark Playing and Play Next"
  "scripts": {
    "mark-and-next": "#{M} mark playing && #{M} next"

m options

  "m_options": {
    "colour": true,
    "ignorecase": true,
    "numeric-sort": true,
    "show-hidden": true

m command

  "m_command": "mmm"

NB: the command is passed to the shell, so you'll need to escape/quote special characters (including spaces) appropriately; be careful!


  • update README + version (4x + dch) + package (deb + pip)!
  • ack TODO
  • also allow setting --numeric-sort etc. on the fly
    • checkboxes in gui?
    • --options passed through to m?
  • handle exceptions better.
  • document, test!?; screenshot?
  • use shell "m ..." only if no need to quote?!
  • running w/ python3 -Wd results in DeprecationWarnings
    • Vte.Terminal.spawn_async not yet available