A CoAP (RFC 7252) implementation in C
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libcoap: A C implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol (RFC 7252)

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Copyright (C) 2010--2017 by Olaf Bergmann bergmann@tzi.org and others


libcoap is a C implementation of a lightweight application-protocol for devices that are constrained their resources such as computing power, RF range, memory, bandwith, or network packet sizes. This protocol, CoAP, is standardized by the IETF as RFC 7252. For further information related to CoAP, see http://coap.technology.


This directory contains a protocol parser and basic networking functions for platform with support for malloc() and BSD-style sockets. The examples directory contains a client and a server to demonstrate the use of this library.


This library is published as open-source software without any warranty of any kind. Use is permitted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2 or higher, OR the simplified BSD license. Please refer to LICENSE.GPL oder LICENSE.BSD for further details.