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ObjectBox C API

ObjectBox is a superfast database for objects. Using this C API, you can us ObjectBox as an embedded database in your C/C++ application. In this embedded mode, it runs within your application process.

Some features

  • Object storage based on FlatBuffers
  • Lightweight for smart devices with less than 1 MB binary size (special feature reduced versions with 1/3 - 1/2 size are available on request)
  • Zero-copy reads
  • Secondary indexes based on object properties
  • Simple get/put API
  • Asynchronous puts
  • Automatic model migration (no schema upgrade scripts etc.)
  • Powerful queries
  • Relations to other objects (1:N for now; M:N to follow soon)

Foundation for Higher Languages

The C API also serves as a basis for ObjectBox bindings in higher languages. For example, we provide a Go binding using the C APIs. In the same way you could create your own ObjectBox Python API if you wanted. The C API is bytes based, so you can build and read Flatbuffers table in your language of choice.

Usage and Installation

The C API comes as a single header in the include/objectbox.h file. Compile your code against it and use the binary library (.so, .dylib, .dll depending on the platform) to link against.

There are a couple of ways to get the library:

Details on the download.sh script:

  • It creates a "download" directory and a version dependent sub directory named like "libobjectbox-0.1-some-hex-hash"
  • Inside the version dependent sub directory, you will find the directories "include" and "lib"
  • The "lib" directory contains the binary library
  • On systems supporting 'sudo', the download.sh script also asks you to install the library in /usr/local/lib.

Examples & API Documentation

Documentation is still on-going work. To get started, please have a look at the tasks example.

Current state

Beta notice: the C API is quite new and not stable yet. You can still use it, but prepare for e.g. functions to be renamed. We at ObjectBox already use the C API for other products, so we do this, too.
The C API is a wrapper around the stable DB core, which is version 2.x and already used on million of devices.

The C API is not as convenient as the Java/Kotlin APIs, which deeply integrate into the language using e.g. @Entity annotations. Instead, the C API is leaves more tasks to the developer. For example, you have to create a FlatBuffers schema and build a corresponding ObjectBox model separately. While we might combine the two and provide more convenience in the future, the current version requires some boiler plate code.




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