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C. elegans Phenotype Ontology

The C. elegans Phenotype Ontology organizes terms representing observed and reported phenotypes of C. elegans and related nematodes into a hierarchy for the purpose of phenotype term discovery (e.g. using ontology browsers) and logical reasoning (e.g. inferring genes whose perturbation results in a more general phenotype based on annotations to more specific phenotypes). There is an ongoing effort to generate logical definitions that will formalize the relationship between each phenotype term and the biological entities (cells, tissues, cellular components, biological processes, etc.) that are affected.


Stable release versions

The latest version of the ontology can always be found at:

Editors' version

Editors of this ontology should use the edit version, src/ontology/wbphenotype-edit.owl


Please use this GitHub repository's Issue tracker to request new terms/classes or report errors or specific concerns related to the ontology.


This ontology repository was created using the ontology starter kit