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Welcome to the Dear ImGui wiki! Feel free to edit and contribute!

Thank you to every past and present Sponsors for making this project possible.



General documentation


Demo, Examples

  • About Examples apps (docs/
  • The examples/ folder contains 21 standalone example application for varieties of platforms and frameworks.
  • The imgui_demo.cpp file has a ImGui::ShowDemoWindow() function which you can call from any imgui-enabled application to showcase variety of features. The demo function is called from all examples/ apps.
  • Third-party: @pthom's imgui_manual: web version of imgui_demo with interactive browsing of sources.

Backends, Bindings

Third-party extensions


Notable branches

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  • Search in Issues: inputs
  • Input / IO queue for very low framerate applications: gist
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Building / Packaging Cruft

Third-party Frameworks

(Please also check our examples/ folder in the repo, they work fine as starter apps!)

Notable forks

Ports, Rewrites, Clones

Related/Suggested Libraries

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Articles, Videos

Articles About Dear ImGui


  • 2016-07: Using imgui with STL types blog [note that this article is now outdated: BeginCombo() api makes it natural to enumerate from any containers, InputText() supports resizing callbacks and imgui_stdlib.h provides wrapper for std::string]
  • 2016-10: CppCon 2016: Nicolas Guillemot “Dear imgui,": video.
  • 2017-03: Why I think Immediate Mode GUI is way to go for GameDev tools: post.
  • 2018-04: TheChernoProject: ImGui in OpenGL / ImGui Game Engine series / ImGui Events / Docking & Viewport
  • 2018-08: Mana Engine: Thread safety of APIs medium/tloch34
  • 2018-10: C++ DirectX 11 Engine Tutorial 35/36: Set up ImGui: Part 35, Part 36
  • 2019-01: Could ImGUI be the future of GUIs?
  • 2019-03: Rust: Making a basic game ui with imgui and ggez blog
  • 2019-05: Frictionless Debug UI In C++: pdf
  • 2019-06: An introduction to the Dear ImGui library: blog.
  • 2019-08: Integrating Dear ImGui in a custom Vulkan renderer blog
  • 2020-02: Runtime Compiled C++ Dear ImGui and DX11 Tutorial: blog.
  • 2020-03: C++ Weekly - Ep 210: Getting Started With SFML & Dear ImGui youtube
  • 2020-03: C++ desktop application with Dear Imgui: blog
  • 2020-09: A Vulkan + Dear ImGui Sandbox: blog
  • 2021-01: Gamefromscratch: Dear ImGui C++ GUI Framework For AAA Games and Game Engines youtube
  • 2021-02: Introduction to the Dear ImGui C++ Library with Conan: video, blog
  • 2021-04: Thinking in Immediate: video
  • 2021-05: ImGui-SFML: Using CMake and managing dependencies: blog
  • 2021-05: ImGui + GLFW Tutorial: video



Chinese (Trad)


  • 2020-11: Dear ImGui : une bibliothèque d'interface utilisateur graphique "bloat-free" pour C++


About the IMGUI paradigm

Dear ImGui is one possible implementation of an idea generally described as the IMGUI (Immediate Mode GUI) paradigm. The Immediate Mode GUI paradigm may at first appear unusual to some users. This is mainly because "Retained Mode" GUIs have been so widespread and predominant. The following links can give you a better understanding about how Immediate Mode GUIs works.

Another notable uses of IMGUI paradigm include Unity's own IMGUI widget library, often informally referred to as OnGUI(), which is used to power the Unity editor and its extensions. This library is unrelated from Dear ImGui. The IMGUI library used by Unity has in the past received mixed feedback from its users, presumably because it may have been perceived as a potential candidate for game-facing UI solutions, which it doesn't excel at. However Unity has since provided separate libraries to tackle that case, and their IMGUI library is still very much in use for the Unity Editor and has been its UI backbone for the past 15+ years.

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