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Software using dear imgui

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  • Large game studios, where people are the most likely to make fancy use of the library, are also traditionally the least likely to share shots or footage of their internal tools. If you work on a project using dear imgui, please consider sharing tool footage in the gallery threads, or at least sharing the fact that you are using the library (through talks, publications, blog posts, twitter shout-outs). I am in contact with various high-profile studios who are using dear imgui but many are unfortunately not disclosable.

  • The field listing author/company/team name is provided to make this list easier to parse and contextualize. It doesn't imply any endorsement from said author/company/team.

  • The library is also used by many smaller personal, research or throwaway projects that are difficult to track and not listed here.

Type Title By Links
Game 22 Racing Series GOATi homepage
App 3d Object Scatter homepage
Game Agents of Mayhem Volition homepage
App Apple2Emu @allender github / shot
Game Arcane Worlds Ranmantaru Games steam / patch note
Game Astro Bot Rescue Mission Sony/SIE homepage / shot
App AVETO.vis B-plus homepage
Game Avoyd Enki Software homepage / shot
App AXIOM Remote github
App b2 homepage / shot
Game Barbearian Gimblll homepage / steam / shot
App BASIC8 Tony Wang homepage / steam
Game BeamNG homepage / steam
Game Below Capybara Games homepage / shots
Game Boundless Wonderstruck Games homepage / shots 1 2 3
Game Brigador Stellar Jockeys steam
Game Burning Knight Rexcellent Games steam
App Cacu Studio video
App CADRays Open Cascade homepage / video
App Cheevos Hunter @leiradel github / shot
Game Chrono-Drive video
Misc Cinder-Experiments @simongeilfus github
App CortexRecognition Recognition Robotics homepage / shots / photos
Game Crayta Unit 2 Games web / video
Game Crossout Targem Games web / shot
Game Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt Red homepage
Game DCS World Eagle Dynamics homepage
App Decaf github
App DefleMask Leonardo Demartino homepage / appstore / playstore
Game Deformers Ready at Dawn homepage
Game Devil Daggers Sorath homepage / steam
Engine Directus3D @PanosK92 github / shot
App Dolphin Emulator homepage / patch note
App Downhole Imaging Technology homepage
Game Dreams Media Molecule homepage
Game Dual Universe Novaquark homepage / video
Game Dungeons of Everchange Dark Gnosis homepage / shots
Game Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor Sunward Games steam
App Effekseer homepage
App Electric Eye Netflix video / shot
Engine Enjon shot / video
Engine EtherealEngine github / shot
Tech Euclideon Vault Euclideon homepage / shot
Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 SCS Software video
Misc Falcor Nvidia github
Game Fallout 76 Bethesda homepage / shot
App F.E.I.S.: Jubeat chart editor @Stepland github
Engine Filament Google github
Engine FishEngine @yushroom github / shot
Game Fisherboy shot
App FlexBV pldaniels homepage
Game Fugl Team Fugl steam / homepage
Engine GeeXLab homepage
App Geocod/Geogram Loria homepage / shot / shot
App Geo::Math brbl homepage
App glChAoS.P @BrutPitt homepage / shots
App Glimpse github / shot
App GL-Z homepage
App GNOMIC C.Potena B.Della Corte bitbucket
Game GOATi Traffic Simulation GOATi video
Game Good Company Chasing Carrots homepage
App Goxel homepage
App gputop @rib github / web demo
App gpuvis Valve Software github / shot
Game Graceful Explosion Machine Vertex Pop steam / eshop / shot
App graph based noise tool shot
App Graphic Depictions github / shot
Demo Guberniya Macau Exports homepage / shot / blog
Game GunHero Olli-Samuli Lehmus steam
Engine Harfang 3d Movida Production homepage / shot
App HCK_ shot
Game Hellbreaker homepage / shot
Game Hexterminate homepage
App IceSL Loria homepage
App Imogen @CedricGuillemet github
Game Indivisible Lab Zero Games homepage
Tool InkyBlackness HackEd homepage / github / shot
Misc Inori-Prayer homepage
Game iRacing
Motorsport Simulations
Lib IYFThreading github / shot
App JangaFX JangaFX homepage / video
Game Jurassic World Evolution Frontier homepage
App karmaMapper Karma Kusala github / shot
App Keytap/kbd-audio homepage / shot
Engine Kit Framework shot
App ledSynthMaster @olekristensen github / shot
Lib Libigl github
Game Librelancer @CallumDev shot / github
App Light Tracer homepage / shots
Game Limit Theory Procedural Reality homepage / blog / shots
Lib LIONant Property System @TomasArce gitlab / shot
Misc Lullaby Google github
Engine Lumix Engine @nem0 github / shots
Game Lumote Luminawesome Games homepage / shot
App LuxCoreUI github / shots
App MAME (alternate debugger) homepage / shot
App Milton homepage
App MiniDart @ebachard homepage / shot
Game Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom Game Atelier homepage
Game Moonman/MoonQuest @eigenbom kickstarter / dev blog
Game Mount & Blade II Bannerlord TaleWorlds blog / shot
App MSI Kombustor MSI/Geeks3D homepage
Engine NAP Framework homepage
App Nodable @berdal84 github / video
App NoodlesPlate @aiekick github / videos
Engine Northlight Remedy Entertainment homepage
App NVIDIAOmniverse viewer Nvidia video
App Oculus Home Oculus
App Oculus Medium Oculus homepage
App Oculus Monitor @rajetic post / github
App OdinVR OdinVR homepage
Game Onrush Codemasters homepage / video
App OpenBoardView homepage
App OpenPlanet homepage / shots
App OpenSpace homepage / github
App Orbital @AlexAltea github
Game Overgrowth Wolfire Games homepage / shots
Engine Overload homepage
App Panorama @ronen25 github
Game Path of Exile Legion Grinding Gear Games homepage / video
App Patterns of Life @armadillu shots
Engine PhyreEngine SIE R&D West homepage
Game Pioneer Space Sim homepage / github
Game Pirate Power Godzilab app store / google play
App PiSP github
App PocketTrace @PocketwatchGames github
Game Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! / Eevee! Game Freak homepage / shot 1 2
Game Puzzle Catcher BlitWise Productions homepage
App Qt 3D Studio Viewer Qt Company blog / blog
Game Quake Champions post
App RayTeak shot
Engine RCRL (Read-Compile-Run-Loop) @onqtam github
Misc RealSense SDK Intel homepage / gif
Game Re:creation @eliasdaler blog
App Redream @inolen gitlab
App RemedyBG homepage
App ReShade homepage / github
Demo Rise and Shine Aberration Creations homepage / shot
Game Rise of the Tomb Raider Feral Interactive video
App ScalaPixel github / shot / shot
App SdfFontDesigner @aiekick github / shot
App SdfMesher @aiekick shot
Game Seaquence homepage / shot
Misc Seed EA homepage
Game Shenmue I & II (2018) Sega, d3t homepage
App Slic3r Prusa Edition Prusa Research github
Game SNES Classic Mini Nintendo shot
App SoShade @aiekick shot
App SpecialK Modding System shot
App Speljongen github / video
Game Spider-Man (2018) Insomniac Games homepage
App SpiritCalc github
App Splash homepage / shot
Game Squarium homepage / play store
App Stagemaster homepage / shot
Game Star Citizen Cloud Imperium Games blog
Game Streets of Rage 4 Guard Crush homepage
Game Super Crush KO Vertex Pop homepage
Game Swords of Calengal United Lines Studio homepage
Game Tearaway Media Molecule homepage
Game Tearaway Unfolded Media Molecule homepage / shots
App TexGraph @galloscript web
Engine Thorium 3D shots / shots
App Timelapse View for HG @jschmidt42 github
App Tiny8bit @floooh web / shot
App Tracy bitbucket / video
Engine Tristeon github
Game TT Isle of Man: Ride of the Edge Kylotonn shots
App TwoTriangles @fabioarnold github
Engine Unknown engine @antoniozero shot
App Unknown tool @thedmd shot
App Unknown tool @r-lyeh shot
App Unknown tool @invghost shot
App Unknown tool @mellinoe shot
App Unknown tool Dwarf Labs homepage
App Unknown animation tool ArenaNet shot
App Unknown sprite editor @johanwendin shot
App Unknown software Airbus video (at 00:20)
App Unknown software Future Facilities licence
App Unknown software Rovio licence
Game Unravel Two Coldwood Interactive shot
App vdb homepage / gallery
App virtualkc homepage
App Virtual Reality Neuron Tracer Visus steam
App Visual Designer 3D video
App VK Pipeline Layout Editor shot
Game VRMONLINE-NX homepage
App WaveEdit homepage / github
App wave-gui github
App What The Loop homepage / shot
Game Windjammers 2 Dotemu homepage
Game WiLD Wild Sheep Studio homepage / shots
Game Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Lizardcube homepage / shot
Game World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming homepage
Plugin XSquawkBox 2.0 homepage / shot / github
Engine XT github
Misc Zep github
Game Zombie Tsunami Mobigame appstore

Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

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