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Ocsigen server



  • ocaml (need version >= 3.12.1)
  • a C compiler (tested with gcc-4.4.5)


  • findlib
  • react (tested with 0.9.3)
  • ocamlssl (tested with 0.4.6)
  • lwt (need version >= 2.4.2, with react and ssl support)
  • ocamlnet (tested with 3.6, with netstring, netstring-pcre and netsys)
  • pcre-ocaml (tested with 6.2.5)
  • cryptokit (tested with 1.6)
  • ocaml-text (tested with 0.6)
  • tyxml (need version 3)
  • ipaddr (need version >= 2.1)
  • ocamlsqlite3 (tested with 2.0.2) OR
  • pgocaml (tested with 2.3) OR
  • dbm (tested with 1.0)

Optional libraries:

  • camlzip (tested with 1.04)

Ocsigenserver supports both dbm and sqlite3. Note well, that dbm isn't part of the distribution of OCaml>=4 any more, but an external package.

If OCaml 3.12.1 and the needed libraries (findlib/react/lwt...) are not installed on your computer and not available on your favorite linux distribution, you may use the Ocsigen bunble GODI to install them automatically, see:

To run the native code version of ocsigen server, you may need to generate cmxs files for the libraries you need, if they are not included in your distribution, see:

Build instructions:

  • run "sh configure [options]" to generate 'Makefile.config'
  • For the full list of options, run "sh configure --help".
  • verify that 'Makefile.config' suits to your needs.

  • run "make" to compile

  • run "make install" as root to install

  • [optional] run "make logrotate" as root to install logrotate configuration files in /etc/logrotate.d

  • [optional] run "make doc" to build the ocamldoc

  • [optional] run "make install.doc" as root to install the ocamldoc

  • run "make uninstall" to uninstall (almost) everything

  • run "make purge" to uninstall everything (even configuration files)

Local testings:

  • run "make run.local" or "make run.opt.local" in the ocsigen source directory.

  • open http://localhost:8080/index.html in your browser

  • if it does not work, look at the logs (see 'local/var/log/' in the ocsgigen source directory) or run ocsigen with options -v or -V (verbose and debug mode).


  • Vincent Balat (project leader, Web server, Ocsigenmod, Eliom, Eliom client, Staticmod, XHTML syntax extension, documentation, Ocsimore, extension mechanism, Ocsidbm, Ocsipersist with DBM, ...)

  • Jérôme Vouillon (Lwt, Web server, js_of_ocaml, O'Closure, ...)

  • Boris Yakobowski (Ocsimore, module Extendconfiguration, Ocsigen server...)

  • Benjamin Canou (O'Browser)

  • Jérémie Dimino (Lwt)

  • Raphaël Proust (Ocsforge, Eliom client, Comet)

  • Stéphane Glondu (Configuration file, Findlib integration, access control, HTTP authentication, Debian package, ...)

  • Gabriel Kerneis (XHTML syntax extension for OCaml 3.10, Ocsipersist with SQLite, CGI module, forms in Eliom, deflatemod, ...)

  • Denis Berthod (HTTP protocol, Web server)

  • Grégoire Henry (safe unmarshalling of client data)

  • Pierre Chambart (Comet)

  • Jaap Boender (Ocsimore, NetBSD and Godi packages)

  • Gabriel Scherer (Macaque)

  • Gabriel Cardoso (O'Closure)

  • Jean-Henri Granarolo (Ocsforge)

  • Simon Castellan (HTML5, OpenID, SVG)

  • Piero Furiesi (Ocsimore)

  • Thorsten Ohl (most of the functions generating XHTML (xML and xHTML modules))

  • Mauricio Fernandez (Xhtmlcompact, static linking of extensions and Eliom modules)

  • Nataliya Guts (Web server, HTTPS)

  • Archibald Pontier (Atom, Pubsubhubbub)

  • Jérôme Velleine (CGI module)

  • Charles Oran (O'Closure)

  • Pierre Clairambault (Lwt_lib, Gentoo package, configure script, ...)

  • Cécile Herbelin (HTML5, Benchmarks)

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