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We are a developer-centric community of open-source enthusiasts. Our mission is to identify the unique needs during development and find the most fitting solutions for them.

Solution discovery

🔭 Our journey of discovery is thoroughly documented here. The finest open-source solutions we've encountered are curated at awesomenoss! For those challenges if we haven't found an existing solution, we create our own and share them with everyone.


🤖 We have a distaste for repetition, especially in mundane tasks. In this project, we've compiled everything related to the automation of routine tasks and the templating of approaches and solutions.

Product development

🎁 We also focus on developing human-centric products to enhance our users' quality of life. You can explore our product sandbox here. Our experimental endeavors are housed in separate organizations: LifeOS, Sparkle, and Tact.

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    🍻 Homebrew tap to install OctoLab products.


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    🧰 Go packages.

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