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A RDF vocabulary for OER content on the web.

OER Schema

Local development setup:

$ npm ci

$ gulp server (To install Gulp 4)

Schema development

Modify oerschema/src/config/schema.yml and create a pull request for evaluation.

Adding schema usage samples to the OER Schema website

uage example screenshot

  1. Locate the relevant class in oerschema/src/config/schema.yml for which you would like to add a usage sample code.
  2. Add a folder to /src/views/samples with the name of the class.
  3. Inside the class folder, create any of the following sample usage files: default.html, jsonld.html, microdata.html, rdfa.html

Updating wesbite:

  • Twig templates and pages directory: oerschema/src/views/
  • Site is autogenerated except index.njk and files oerschema/src/views/pages/docs directory
  • After making a commit to the master branch, TravisCI will generate and publish to the gh-pages branch