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Codegen's SmartFirmware implementation of OpenFirmware

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Welcome to the CodeGen, Inc. source-code tree.  We're releasing a bunch
of our stuff under a license described in the file COPYRIGHT.

To quickly build most of the code, first create a symlink /cgt to
someplace such as /usr/local/cgt or wherever you'd like.  The Makefiles
and scripts expect to install binaries, headers, and libs under /cgt.

Then run in the top directory.  This makes everything
execpt SmartFirmware (see below for how to build this).

Some of the stuff under the source-tree:

lib/aoa         SmartAlloc - fast, efficient malloc() replacement
bin/of          SmartFirmware - Open Firmware IEEE-1275 in C
                (you'll also need zlib-1.1.4, which is not included)
bin/cc          cc-fcode - C-to-Fcode compiler - see README-Fcode
                (it needs a bunch of libs to build - use
bin/wacco       wacco - why another compiler compiler
bin/domail      mh-style command-line Bayesian spam filtering tools

Other misc libraries:

lib/integer     arbitrary-precision integer C++ class library
lib/floatc      arbitrary-precision IEEE floating point C++ class library
lib/cgt         basic C++ funcs, generics (hashtables, dynarrays, etc)
lib/edit        text-editor library
lib/*malloc     different malloc algorithms - aoa is probably the best

Build SmartFirmware (bin/of) standalone/test version by:
    cd bin/of/unix
This makes "of", which can be used to test, tokenize, and detokenize
Fcode.  Build cc-fcode under bin/cc and copy both to /cgt/bin, then cd
to bin/of/fcode to build test and ethernet Fcode PCI ROM images there.

Standalone verions of SmartFirmware can also be built for x86 under
bin/of/i386 and AMD64 "Hammer" under bin/of/amd64.  The amd64 build can
run from ROM only on the AMD Clawhammer evaluation board.

As for the rest, no warrantee is expressed nor implied.  Good luck.


Codegen's SmartFirmware implementation of OpenFirmware







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