A video annotation service that is suitable for research, teaching and learning
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Opencast Annotation Tool

The Opencast Annotation Tool (aka Annotating Academic Video by Entwine) is a video annotation service that is suitable for research, teaching or learning.

The software devides currently into two parts:

  • The frontend component, containing the annotation webapp.
  • The Opencast Backend modules, that need to be integrated into an Opencast installation. A recent version of the i frontend is already included in the annotation-tool module.


The instruction on how to install the Annotation tool in Opencast 2.3+ can be found here

Building the Frontend

Instructions on how to build the frontend webapp can be found here.

This is NOT needed to install the Annotation Tool in Opencast!


A general documentation including the REST endpoints, the architecture etc. can be found here.


You can find the latest news about the annotation tool on this page.


Initial Development

Current Development of this branch



A demo is available here. It works with localStorage and no real backend communication. Therefore all the functionalities related to rights management / authorisations are not working on this version.


ECL 2.0