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Provision OpenShift based projects & components in less then 3 minutes - including full CI/CD Jenkins, Sonar and Nexus integration

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  1. ods-core

    The core of OpenDevStack - infrastructure setup based on Atlassian tooling, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube and shared images, e.g. Crowd auth proxy / Jenkins base slave

    Shell 10 8

  2. ods-project-quickstarters

    Contains project quickstarters (boilerplates) for Spring Boot, Node.js, React, R Shiny - all including CI/CD integration & Jenkins build slaves

    Shell 8 10

  3. ods-jenkins-shared-library

    Shared Jenkins library which all generated projects use - including hot environment provision, code scanning, Nexus publishing

    Groovy 11 3

  4. ods-provisioning-app

    Provisioning app, which triggers project and component provisions (including Jira / Confluence / BitBucket and OCP resource creation)

    Java 7 6

  5. ods-configuration-sample

    Sample configuration for OpenDevStack

    1 5

  6. tailor

    Infrastructure as Code for OpenShift

    Go 6 1

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