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Provision OpenShift based projects & components in less then 5 minutes - including full CI/CD Jenkins, SonarQube and Nexus integration

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  1. The core of OpenDevStack - infrastructure setup based on Atlassian tools, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube and shared images

    Shell 31 26

  2. Contains project quickstarters (boilerplates) for Java (Spring Boot), TypeScript (Express), Scala (Play), Go, Angular, Ionic, Jupyter, RShiny - all including CI/CD integration & Jenkins build agents

    Shell 14 20

  3. Provisioning app, which triggers project and component provisions (including Jira / Confluence / BitBucket and OCP resource creation)

    Java 11 16

  4. Shared Jenkins library which all ODS projects & components use - provisioning, SonarQube code scanning, Nexus publishing, OpenShift template based deployments and repository orchestration

    Groovy 33 41

  5. Infrastructure as Code for OpenShift

    Go 13 7

  6. Document Generation Service used by the jenkins shared library to generate compliance documentes

    Groovy 1


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