A CC0 licenced modern English translation of the Bible
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Open English Bible


The Open English Bible is the anticipated end product of a project intended to create an English translation of the Bible that is:

  • under a licence enabling the maximum reuse, remixing and sharing without requiring the payment of royalties or the obtaining of permission from copyright holders; and
  • a translation reflecting modern English usage and Biblical scholarship.

The New Testament of the OEB is being formed by editing the public domain Twentieth Century New Testament, which was a new translation of the New Testament published in the early twentieth century, based on the Greek text of Westcott and Hort.

The Hebrew Bible is being formed by editing a number of public domain translations done by John E McFadyen and Charles F Kent.

As such, the OEB as a translation does not stand within the Tyndale tradition but has a separate tradition in a similar manner to the NIV and New English Bible.

Our website is at http://openenglishbible.org

This site

This source tree contains:

usfm/ The final generated usfm. This is probably what you want if you want to use the OEB's usfm files. The subdirectories are release/ which has the books in the OEB release, and development/ which has all books, no matter how partial or rough.

source/ These are the source files we are working from. They are USFM files with a layer of markup to handle variations.

scratch/ These are various support documents such as books not yet fit for the development version.

build.py The python 2.x script which creates a set of USFM files from the usfm.db files

build-standard.sh Shell script which builds the main sets of USFM files in usfm/