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Smooth App: The new Open Food Facts mobile app for Android and iPhone

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Weekly meetings

  • We e-meet Thursdays at 17:30 Paris Time (16:30 London Time, 22:00 IST, 08:30 AM PT)
  • Google Meet Video call link:
  • Join by phone:
  • Add the Event to your Calendar by adding the Open Food Facts community calendar to your calendar
  • Weekly Agenda: please add the Agenda items as early as you can. Make sure to check the Agenda items in advance of the meeting, so that we have the most informed discussions possible, leading to argumented decisions.
  • The meeting will handle Agenda items first, and if time permits, collaborative bug triage.
  • We strive to timebox the core of the meeting (decision making) to 30 minutes, with an optional free discussion/live debugging afterwards.
  • We take comprehensive notes in the Weekly Agenda of agenda item discussions and of decisions taken.

User interface

Feature Sprint

Code documentation

Code documentation on GitHub pages.

Current Release

  • Latest commit deployed to Apple App Store: Released on Feb 26 2024 as Version 4.13.1
  • Latest commit deployed to PlayStore: 1379 Released on Feb 24 2024 9:42 PM
  • Latest commit deployed to F-Droid: 9 March 2024 as Version 4.14.0 (1280)


  • This new mobile application aims to showcase Open Food Facts's power to a broad range of users through a smooth user experience and sleek user interface. It is a Flutter application by Open Food Facts.
  • We pioneered the collaborative scanning app in 2012. With this experimental app, we’re reinventing it from the ground up.
  • Install it on Android (Google Play, F-Droid or Amazon App Store) or iPhone/iPad. Note that a internal development build (Android or iPhone/iPad (App Store) if you'd like to use the results of your PRs quicker.

app showcase

  • Smooth-app is developed in parallel to the openfoodfacts-dart plugin, which provides a high level interface with the Open Food Facts API and openfoodfacts_flutter_lints which provides specific linting
  • Every new interaction with the API should be implemented in the plugin in order to provide these new features to other developers.
  • We support desktop platforms (Linux, macOS and Windows), but only for development

Features of the app


  • a scan that truly matches who you are (Green: the product matches your criteria, Red: there is a problem, Gray: Help us answer you by photographing the products)
  • a product page that's knowledgeable, building on the vast amount of food facts we collect collaboratively, and other sources of knowledge, to help you make better food decisions

You can

  • scan and compare in 15 seconds the 3 brands of tomato sauces left on the shelf, on your terms.
  • get a tailored comparison of any food category
  • set your preferences without ruining your privacy

Criteria you can pick

  • Environment: Eco-Score
  • Health: Additives & Ultra processed foods, Salt, Allergens, Nutri-Score

About this Repository

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How to run the project

We have predefined run configurations for Android Studio and Visual Studio Code

In order to run the application, make sure you are in the packages/smooth_app directory and run these commands:

  • flutter pub get .

  • On Android 🤖: flutter run -t lib/entrypoints/android/main_google_play.dart

  • On iOS/macOS 🍎: flutter run -t lib/entrypoints/ios/main_ios.dart

  • Troubleshooting🚀: If you get an error like App depends on scanner shared from path which depends on camera_platform_interface from git, version solving failed. then run

    • flutter pub cache clean or manually delete the
    • C:\Users\~\AppData\Local\Pub\Cache file. Then redo the above procedure to run the app.
  • Contributing Guidelines


The app was initially created by Primael. The new Open Food Facts app (smooth_app) was then made possible thanks to an initial grant by the Mozilla Foundation in February 2020, after Pierre pitched them the idea at FOSDEM. A HUGE THANKS 🧡 In addition to the core role of the community, we also had the support from several fellows and a ShareIt fellow that helped us eventually release the app in June 2022.


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