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Release Schedule

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OGC Beta Validation Website

There will be a release every month with updates of the tests and TEAM Engine. If there are no changes, there will be no release.

Test Leads should request a release in beta by the end of the month. The release in beta will happen during the first ten days of the next month. For example, for the April release, if a test changes during March and it's ready to be released, the test lead will notify on the first week of April that a release is ready. The new version of the test, along with all the other new versions of the other tests and possible updates of TEAM Engine will happen during the 2-3 weeks of April.

OGC Production Validation Website

There will be a release two times per year in May and November. One month before the release, a Release Candidate (RC) will be available in the Beta Validation Website.

Main Schedule 2016

A release for a particular month will happen on the first days of the next month.

Month Beta Release Production Release
May X
June X X
July X
Aug X
Sep X
Nov X X
Dec X
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