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Releases: openkm/document-management-system


15 Sep 10:13
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What's Changed

  • Fixed issue with MajorMinorReleaseVersionNumerationAdapter
  • Fixed problems with special characters in filenames
  • Fixed document preview document with Thai filename
  • Fixed several problem with document preview
  • Fixed preview for searchable pdf files
  • Fixed error when getting general dashboard files
  • Fixed CmisRepository version label wrongly returns filename instead of actualVersion
  • Fixed Temporary Information Disclosure Vulnerability
  • Fixed reported XSS vulnerability
  • Removed obsolete registered.text.extractors parameter
  • New methods added to DashboardService API
  • Added basic email sending function
  • Remove DES from SecureStore


30 Jun 11:19
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  • TextExtraction plugin information added to Administration > Tools > Plugin
  • Extra TabDocument, TabFolder and TabMail implemented in the GWT
  • New Hibernate Search configuration properties
  • Extended NotificationService API
  • Fixed issue with mail mark seen in mail import
  • Fixed XXE injection security vulnerability
  • Fixed Cross Site Scrtipting issue


22 Dec 11:54
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  • Improvements in conversion service due to LibreOffice service issues. LibreOffice is no longer started as service.
  • Fixed bug "multiple automation action" not working.
  • Fixed bug when the name of e-mail attachments contains the character "/".
  • Fixed bug when subject of the e-mail is empty.
  • Fixed bug when extracting text content from XLSX files.
  • Fixed bug in content lenght header for e-mail attachments.
  • Several new methods at:
    • FolderService
    • PropertyGroupService
    • AuthService
    • SearchService
    • RepositoryService
    • DocumentService
    • MailService
    • BookmarkService
    • WorkflowService


13 Feb 11:35
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  • Added HTML5 drag & drop feature
  • Added detailed information in Lucene index process
  • Added createMissingFolders method in the API
  • Fixed error in administration when choosing path with special characters
  • Fixed temp files were not removed
  • Added isCallingMe method in StacktraceUtils to detect recursive plugin calls
  • Fixed issue with the logo which was not changing in the login screen
  • Fixed UI defect with workflow instance with run_config
  • Fixed maven dependency conflicts


23 Apr 11:37
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  • Fixed CSV exporter error
  • Fixed popup UI defect in wiki
  • Prevent from export into $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
  • Added login and logout automation events
  • Added profile to create JAR client and dependencies


04 Mar 14:59
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  • Fixed error in mobile web interface
  • Fixed some security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed minor defect in export and import features
  • Fixed error when purging trash
  • Fixed problem with folder notes
  • Improvements in administration look and feel
  • Added support for Lucene plain queries
  • Improved automation using plugins


06 Mar 16:30
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  • Fixed issue with metadata assignment
  • Removed log4j dependencies


01 Mar 12:00
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  • Fixed problem with automation in document move
  • Upload now supports files bigger that 2GB
  • Implemented HTML5 document preview
  • Added missing search method for compatibility
  • Several mail related improvements and fixes
  • OMR feature added


03 May 17:26
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Merge pull request #13 from openkm/6.3-DEV

OpenKM 6.3.4 released


14 Mar 16:12
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Merge pull request #4 from openkm/OCM-33

OCM-33 Translate correction "capeta" must be "carpeta"